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Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by steviebhoy, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. steviebhoy

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    Hi, I have emailed the solicitor in Cyprus and awaiting a reply but hoping one or more of you can offer advice from an independent viewpoint.
    I bought an off plan apt near Polis July 2008 and paid a deposit. The development is just about complete and I am getting pressure to pay the final deposit payment and instruct drawdown on the mortgage. I wanted a ground floor apt and thats what is on my contract. However, it has just come to light that the completed apt block has additional new apts built into the ground floor by using the contour of the hill and raising the block to put these additional units in. So my apt is now on the first floor and can only be accessed by a stairway.
    I have refused to make the final payment and have asked them to move me to a proper ground floor apt at no extra expense to myself.
    I am still waiting for a reply but does anyone think I am right to refuse to continue with the final payment. And also, alternatively, do I have a case to try to request a refund on my deposit and walk away due to the developer not delivering an apt as stated on the contract?
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    I think this is something you need to discuss with your lawyer. however if you used the developers lawyer I would recommend that you find an independant lawyer.

  3. steviebhoy

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    Can anyone recommend a good thrustworthy Cypriot Lawyer? My solicitor was recommended by the developer and whilst she is doing her best, I understand she will not go against the developer for obvious reasons.
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  5. Lysos

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    Paul Efthymiou in Paphos.
  6. steviebhoy

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    Thanks for the recommendations guys.
    I'll get in touch and see what they think.

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