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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by swest67, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. swest67

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    Dear All,

    Has anyone come across a reliable 'Construtora' in Natal for house build and design whom I could contract in Alphaville, Natal?
    What is the current rate/m2 for design and build? - medium to high quality finishes.
    How is the normal payment method for such a project in Brazil - e.g. monthly, part advance etc, etc.
    Any other advice for one-off housebuilding there would also be of use.


  2. mikesmith

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    Building a house in Natal

    Hi Simon,

    I can recommend a very good architect/builder who lives close to Pium/Alphaville.
    He speaks good english and has designed and built individual homes and large resorts here in Natal.
    Current price for build is approx R$1000-1500per m2 for good to high quality
    Design and approval is one set fee,depending on specs and build cost is paid over 5 phases of the build.The architect,Antonio Marcos will be able to provide alot more information on these questions and can make a visit to your plot at anytime.Are you currently in Natal?

    Best regards,Mike
  3. swest67

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    Building a House in Natal

    Thanks Mike,

    This sounds like it may be of significant interest. The rate is the same as I am getting quoted by various others in the market, albeit I would prefer to use someone on the back of a strong recommendation, as opposed to scouring the market...and the speaking of english is a real plus point (My wife is Natalense and will be able to translate, but it can be misinterpreted with some specialist construction terminology).

    I am not in Natal at the moment, but will be there in late September to get things moving.

    I would very much appreciate it if you could initially facilitate an introduction by email to your contact, Antonio Marcos, such that I can start a dialogue regarding design and the like prior to getting there.

    Thanks again, Simon
  4. mikesmith

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    house designer/builder in Natal

    Hi Simon,
    I just posted you a private message with contact details.I will mail Antonio also to expect your contact in the coming day or two.Best regards,Mike

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