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Consortiums and private equity funds

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Tetley, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Tetley

    Tetley New Member

    Investments into tax efficient overseas property development private equity funds.

    Usual fund min investment is $1M USD, so to enter this organising a consortium of investors is usually required - if like many you're not in that investment league (min $200K per investor ideally then required).

    ROI projections can work like normal development projects except instead of one deal on the go there may be over a dozen or more, so spreading of risk comes into play.

    Returns to investors conservatively (without considering bank financing on fund projects which could produce 4X the result on a projects real returns) is still around a respectable 25% pa - although as mentioned above, as the fund will manage multiple projects at once, when these start to complete the size of the investment pot will expand quickly allowing for an increasing number of re-investments which means higher future returns.

    Potential profit over 5-7 years - the term an investor will most likely consider final exit of a particular investment region is huge (although investors can exit earlier). (Usually three years min).

    For those who want solid returns or simply wish to spread risk I feel this is something that may be of great benefit. I would welcome any like minded investors to contact me to consider this type of venture.
  2. Espeaker

    Espeaker New Member

    I've read your post and without going into detail I have to buy property, if I'm going to do any kind of investing.
  3. roodboy

    roodboy New Member

    Please provide more details - what kind of thing will this consortium be looking to invest in? who is going to manage the funds etc?
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