Confusion re: property market Portugal

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I'm new and extremely pleased that I have stumbled across this forum.

I have been researching the property market in Portugal for a little while now but I wonder if anyone can answer my question.
I have noticed that very often a property is advertised on the net with several different agents and very often that same property will be marketed at varying prices, sometimes with as much as 30,00€ difference. Why is this? :confused:

It makes me very wary about buying through an agency. I know all about legal agencies and illegal ones but more often than not it's the INCI registered agents that seem to be doing this


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This is normally the consequence of the seller,We always ask the amount if different that they are asking or what other agencies are marketing at.
But if they have had it on the market for a while then Sometimes they drop the price without telling all the marketing agencies.

I know of situation like this with Tomilhos gardens in Ferierras the developer has dropped the price ,We work close with them so we know but still many agencies have the old price still diplayed.
They have only dropped so they can finalise this project & release funds for the next.
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