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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Maria2, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Maria2

    Maria2 Active Member

    Can anyone tell me something about this new resort, supposedly in the center of PIPA, offering fabulous sea views?
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  2. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    It is a beautiful beach but no where near the center. It is south of Natal.

    Don't believe all the hype from these agents, they are all liars. If you are going to invest, go in person and see everything with your own eyes if not you will throw away your money. Read all the horror stories posted here. Often these kind of threads are posted by developers and agents, then they reply with different names to hype the place up.
  3. Maria2

    Maria2 Active Member

    Pipa Project for 2015?

    I am too old to waste entire days on the beach. An occasional visit is fine, but for me the views are more important.
    So where in Pipa is it actually located. A Google Earth link would help.
    How many k's is it from the airports (old and new)?
    Who finances it?
    I keep reading on blogs like this that there are many development plans in the Natal area, but that 90% of these projects do not even get off the ground. Especially not the large projects.
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  4. Veronica

    Veronica Administrator

    Why in the world would you even consider buying from a company if you know that 90% of their projects never even get off the ground.????????????? Crazy
  5. Maria2

    Maria2 Active Member

    Oh dear .....


    What I tried to say obviously did not come across as well as expected.
    Or maybe you didn't want to read it the correct way.
    In any case I have corrected it.

    I have entered the name of the only lawyer available in the Northeast of Brazil and was shocked to see how many foreign buyers have run into problems.
    Naturally I appreciate your concern.

  6. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    Pipa is no where near the city center. It is about 55km or maybe a little more south of the natal's city center. If some sleaze bag is telling you that pipa is city center, then you want to run far away from him when it comes to business dealings. Pipa is more of a resort type beach where people vacation to....not live.

    It is about 40km from the airport.

    Just check it out yourself in google maps.
  7. Maria2

    Maria2 Active Member

    in PIPA not in NATAL

    Thanks, navaraS, but I'm not interested in Natal.
    I need to know where in Pipa this new Condominio De Pipa is located.

  8. dhoskings

    dhoskings New Member

    On the chapadao. As for views I would check very carefully as something could be built accross the street blocking most of the view off.
  9. dhoskings

    dhoskings New Member

    Lots of development is taking place in Natal, but you need to remember people don't generally go on to forums like this to tell people how happy they are with their development so you are getting a biased view on here.

    BUT that doesn't mean you should ignore what people are saying on this forum.
  10. DTC

    DTC New Member

    Pipa is a place protected by environmental agencies. So be careful and do some research if the enterprise has all the licenses (even if that one is done). This could avoid terrible headache!
  11. Norbert

    Norbert Senior Member <br /><img src="http://img.propertyc

    who are the lawyers

    Has anyone seen the Due Diligence report?
  12. Norbert

    Norbert Senior Member <br /><img src="http://img.propertyc

    no due diligence report available here

    And nobody knows the lawyers?
    That's not a good sign.....
  13. woodyket

    woodyket New Member

    I went through the whole due diligence process on this project including a site visit. If your looking for something close enough to Pipa centre but far enough away to not have the noise of a central apartment then I think this is a great decision. There is a walkway down onto the beach near to the condo which is a little steep but non the less a quick through route.

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