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Completion date for Taiba Beach Gardens 2?

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by fiona1, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. fiona1

    fiona1 New Member

    Hi, I have purchased an apartment in Taiba Beach Gardens 2 from Sand Garden Homes, but I cannot seem to get a completion date from them, even though I know its in the next couple of months?

    Has anyone else bought? Does anyone else know?

    Any response would be really appreciated.
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  2. fiege1224

    fiege1224 New Member

    Hi I also have tried to get an answer. I was told end of feb. They have put up new pictures last week and the complex is at least two monthes from being finished. Mike has not emailed me in a while. I had asked if the economy was the problem. They said no. Just slow constrution. it seems they are putting all there effort in Taiba 1 to finish. Paul was going to take some new pictures soon for me. He lives near Taiba. Hopefully this gets finished were so close. Steve
  3. s29feb

    s29feb New Member

    Hey Steve and hello Fiona,

    I'm in 106 and I have been chatting with a guy from UK who is in TG1 and that is due very very soon so I think the effort will shift to TG2, but still 3-4 and maybe up to 5-6 months out, but by all accounts it will get finished so all good?

    Pual is due to post very soon on the progress. I just want to know for sure *when* as I need a holiday (vacation) to somewhere warm and windy!


  4. PAUL-brasil

    PAUL-brasil New Member

    Yes I went upto Taiba today and took plenty of photo of both TG1 and TG2 and the general area also.

    TG1 has just being painted, they were just finishing off today, there are still finishing touches to be completed in some of the apartments, ceilings in bathrooms, taps drainage, switches etc. The apartments are all painted though now and some have furniture in already.

    TG2 still has plenty to do, there were plenty of workers on the job today so hopefully now it will catch up alittle. There is still all the electrical installations to do, water system, some of the ceilings, all painting, and complete the condo areas. I still think about 4 months until complete, perhaps a little more.

    I ll be sending all the photos to the owners who s email addresses that I have, so who ever else would like to see them, then send me a private message with your email address, then I will forward them to you.

    Best regards
    Paul Aron
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  5. dipog

    dipog New Member

    will greatly appreciate any detail re TBG2

    Paul, Fiona, John:

    I am ready to pull a trigger on buying one unit in TBG2. It is a very first time I am buying a foreign real estate, so I would greatly appreciate any detail/advice you can give.
    Questions I have:
    -Completion date;
    -Maintenance fees amounts and taxes;
    -what is specifically considered to be a delivered unit?
    -have any of you discussed appliances, furnishing, rental opportunities with the developer?
    Please reply to this message, or, better yet, contact me directly at Skype: dp777dp

    Thanks in advance,
    Dimitri (out of New Jersey)
  6. s29feb

    s29feb New Member

    Hey Dimitri,

    I'm going to chase up some details this week, but Paul would be your best bet on getting what you are looking for.

    He has sent me addtional photos to what is on Sand Garden Homes so if you want email me at my user name @ gmail dot com and I'll send them on?


  7. fiona1

    fiona1 New Member

    Be careful

    Hi Dimitri

    It is very smart of you to ask here first.

    Firstly, dont expect to hear from the developer/ agent (Sand Garden Homes) unless they are chasing money. They never respond to questions, especially about the completion date, and I am very disappointed with my experience with them.

    Firstly, since buying I have discovered, Taiba is a long term market, so if the time comes and you need to sell quickly, you may not be able to. Plus, I heard they were TRYING to sell the remaining units at 20% discount or something, which makes me feel bad since I bought at full price.

    Feel free to private message me or respond here if you need anything else. Also Paul is very knowledgable and helpful, and I would ask his advice.

  8. fiege1224

    fiege1224 New Member

    Hi, I bought a unit at Taiba gardens 2- 2 years ago. I thought it would take two years to build and it has. With the world money problems most developers have gone broke. I have always gotten answers from Mike and others at sandgarden homes. He just emailed me that the complex should be mostly finished in 3 more months with 1 to 2 more for finishing touches.At this point in history I just want it built and if it takes longer its ok its not costing me anything waiting as long as its finished soon. I budgeted 10,000 to 20,000 for interior work. That would include applances ac ect. I would have to say to anyone who is thinking about buying out of the country you live in remember no loans = no buyers most of the time. So don't spend the money if you need it or can't afford to loose it when you venture to other areas of the world. Off plan is the highest risk you can ever take in buying a home or condo period! I do think Taiba will be great place 5 to 10 years from now.When the oil refinery gets built near us. Till later Steve
  9. dipog

    dipog New Member


    Thanks to all of you, all points and opinions are highly valuable.
    I will try to go to Fortaleza in August to see everything with my own eyes first, will ask Mike to delay signing the contract till then. Too bad I've paid already the reservation fee :( .
  10. fiege1224

    fiege1224 New Member

    Hi, What unit did you put a deposite on and what deal did Mike give you? I got a 10 year finance email awile back. The units have gone up last year and down in price over 2 years mostly due to exchange rates. He offered finance deals in order to move some units lately through emails and ILM magazine. I think if you go there you will find the beaches are great and I have never met anyone that does't like the area. Plus no where in the world can you buy total beachfront for these kind of prices. Hope you have a good trip. Till later Steve
  11. dipog

    dipog New Member

    we bid for unit 207. I guess we got discount due to our decision to pay in full (without realizing that apartment wouldn't be furnished, painted, etc., and all that would add to cost significantly). I might need to renegotiate the whole thing with the financing in mind.
    I have no doubt that area, village, beaches, are nice - but we hoped to rent out the unit to pay at least for the maintenance and taxes - but it is not guaranteed. Decisions, decisions....
    I'm sure that it is a great opportunity, just don't want to have another financial obligation for another few years.
    If you (or anybody in this thread) want to discuss specific details, write me at dp777dp (gmail) or skype dp777dp
  12. fiege1224

    fiege1224 New Member

    Hi Dimitri, I know what you mean about another obligation at this point in time. I am about to close a deal in Florida on a waterfront condo at a very good price. But carrying costs in Florida are very high on the water. You also can't rent the unit at this time due to all the foreclosures. I have till Friday to make up my mind. I am on the fence one way or the other. I was told the maint. fee would be about 100.00 month and the taxes about 300.00 or so a year on our units in Brazil. Not to bad. Do not expect to much rental money as these units are still off the beaten path. You have limited taxi service to Taiba. Which is why people there have extra cars left at there units. That should change by 2015. Which is still along way off. China has funded the oil refinery for petrobras in our area. The 2014 World cup should get the golf resort built? That should all help our area to grow. But with worlds money problems who nows. Anyway, good luck. till later Steve
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