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Complaints about certain agents

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by Topcat1961, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Topcat1961

    Topcat1961 Banned

    If you feel misled or misinformed when buying your property and the agent is a member of these professional bodies NAEA or FIABCI then write your concerns to the following.

    David Oliver-Compliance Officer
    Peter Bolton King Group Chief Executive
    Arbon House
    6 Tournament Court
    Edgehill Drive
    CV34 6LG

    Telephone 01926 496800 Fax 01926 417788
    email: [email protected]
    NAEA The National Association of Estate Agents

    Go to their website and read their rules of practice before writing to see if you have any grounds for complaint.

    is an independent network of real estate professionals, not a regulatory body that arbitrates disputes or takes disciplinary action. FIABCI monitors the activities of its members to the extent that its resources allow it, and if it is proved that a member has violated FIABCI’s code of ethics, he or she can be excluded from the Federation.

    Bruno Crosby :[email protected]

    FIABCI - Spain : [email protected]

    FIABCI - Bulgaria : [email protected]

    FIABCI's President directly : [email protected]. His name is Mr Valentin Saykov.

    The more these Associations become aware of genuine grievances and complaints then it may help get some of the unethical practices by rogue Agents challenged.

    ..also write to Meglena Kuneva, the European Commissioner for Consumer Protection/Affairs, she is Bulgarian. Her contact details are

    fax 02 2995372
    phone 02 2993684

    address: Meglena Kuneva, Member of the European Commission, Rue de la Loi 200, B1049 Brussels. The more complaints received from misled purchasers the more the 'EU' will get involved. Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland and the UK are all members of the EU.
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  2. mickthepropertyguru

    mickthepropertyguru New Member

    Well done Topcat, its great to see somebody grabbing the bull by the horns. Finally somebody is standing up and being counted. I know there is tens of thousands of people out there that have been stung. I think its about time we all joined in the fight to stop the average joe getting robbed by unscrupulous companies.
  3. toot

    toot New Member

    We were lucky

    Living here in Bulgaria one hears so many complaints that I am amazed how easy it was for me to buy our home.I think the main problem is lack of Rules and Regulations.Whilst Bulgaria grows I dont expect anyone wishes to enforce laws as they need all the investment that may come their way.
  4. rabarbaro

    rabarbaro New Member

    Thank you Topcat, I think your suggestions ar really usefull ! Thanks again
  5. Topcat1961

    Topcat1961 Banned

    Another interesting article
    type in.
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  6. connection

    connection New Member

    thanks for that info topcat I wrote to Ms Kuneva and got some very useful information on the rules that some of the developers don't follow .My contracts were very dodgy to say the least and there are some developers willing to play on the inexperience of their customers. Don't assume if the developer has not put penalties in the contact that they are not applicable and don't always accept that force majeure applies without first consulting a good lawyer.Also the english and Bulgarian version do not always say the same thing and may have been written in such a way as to deceive the buyer.
  7. connection

    connection New Member

    If your agent is Irish check if he is a member of the IAVI and e mail Alan Cooke at [email protected] if you are unsure what constitutes misleading information find out from Ms Kuneva mentioned if you contact me by pm I can let you know what information might be relevant. If your Agent refuses to give you any answers that is also a case for complaint .If you are not sure if your agent is a member of the IAVI look for his name on the website it should have MIAVI after his name
  8. Sally456

    Sally456 New Member

    There are alot of 'professional' agents out there who think they know alot more than others about the overseas property market. But you've got to be careful when looking to invest in a property abroad. I found this out when i was looking to invest in a property in Cyprus. I went through a hard time of finding a property which best suited me, there was very few agents who refused to help me out and never returned my calls or messages. It was 6 months after when i finally found a property which ive had for 2 years now through a website called property abroad. The services were quick and for once i felt they put me first instead of the money!
  9. Leon McAvoy

    Leon McAvoy New Member

    a certain agent

    Hi top cat
    I have been intouch recently with Mickpropertyguru who I belive first brought this subject to light. I unfortunitly brought a property in Italy Calabria from an Irish developer based in Marbella, I think most people will know who I mean, anyway as you can expect it went wrong and after getting no where with them I informed them that I would take the evidence that I had colletted to the three governing body's that they despladed on thier websit, NAEA, CEI, FIABCI, about two month or so ago the NAEA dropped them, I would like to think I had somthing to do with it, or perhaps they had recieved other complaints. About four hours ago the CEI contacted me to say that above mentioned developer will be informed to now drop the CEI badge of recomandation as well, that now leaves just one and I dont think I'll have to say too just. Here's to the NAEA, CEI and just remember these developers can only get away with ripping people off if no one stands and shouts this is wrong, well done to every one who has come forward so far.
    Leon McAvoy

  10. Topcat1961

    Topcat1961 Banned

    Hi Leon

    I had a e-mail from Bruno Crosby of the FIABCI (29/09/08) that indicated the board of Directors of FIABCI-Spain were meeting shortly to discuss complaints about a certain agent based in Marbella.

    I suggest that if people still have a legitimate (hundreds do) complaint against this agent for unethical and dishonest selling practices they write via e-mail to the following asap.

    Bruno Crosby :[email protected]

    FIABCI - Spain : [email protected]

    FIABCI - Bulgaria : [email protected]

    FIABCI's President directly : [email protected]. His name is Mr Valentin Saykov.

    Insist on a written reply from Mr Crosby and ask for an update on the situation.

    I have also informed Mr Crosby that I am writing to the EU Commissioner about all the companies and professional bodies associated with this agent.

    Inform anyone that has an issue with this agent of this meeting and help to get this agent acknowledged as an unethical company.
  11. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Bulgarian mortgages can be had within 7 days (I know from my own personal experience recently), so that statement is not true. Perhaps this is rather overseas buyers trying to obtain particularly 'difficult' mortgages in today's financial climate?

    "Good banks" v bad banks... don't be so daft. Banks are a business like any other, and are looking to make sure you can pay what you owe and you are good for it - same in all the world.

    Any bank in the world will lend to you if you can show you have enough money to deal with the repayments you get a loan or mortgage. Everyone seems to have gone mad in the property world. Get a normal deposit together, not that fake ideal of the past, but normal deposit; demonstrate your proficiency to pay back - and any bank will lend to you.

    Also - quite normally - things change here in Bulgaria, as they do in the UK and all other countries concerning mortgage criteria. This can depend upon your own circumstances as well as where the property is located and international circumstances, just as in your own home country.

    There are plenty of Bulgarian banks who will lend to foreigners, just contact them directly. Indeed, we personally did this and were offered more than we wanted, with little proven criteria, at a percentage lower than we ever thought possible!

    The current financial situation should not lay the blame on Bulgaria, nor developers, nor their financial associates..... , but perhaps on those buyers who are or were "over-gearing", or are or were "the get rich quick" with 100% flip prices, or perhaps did not check their contracts sufficiently well.

    NB : Checking contracts is the one biggest thing which overseas buyers do not do!

    Sometimes, buyers think they are 'owed' a massive return when in reality it is just like playing the stock market. Remember, they will always show a disclaimer which says "your investment may go up OR DOWN".

    At the end of the day, those who are feeling the reality of this "crunch" are generally those who bought o make a fast buck, or over borrowed...... the only people feeling the pinch of this whole thing are the people who have massive loan/mortgage repayments or want to sell right now.

    This whole mess is a huge wake up call to everyone who thought they could live totally on credit and beyond their means. It's not just the bank's fault, nor the financial instutions... it probably comes right down to wishing to live beyond your own personal financial situation in ordinary life and in the property market, down to outright greed.

    Has anyone on here actually checked their contract? Read it fully? Understood it? BEFORE complaining about agents, the property agent, the mortgage suppliers, financial institutions? AND BEFORE SIGNING IT?
  12. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    In my experience, it could take some months before they reply and also they are not obliged to respond at all :( Way of the world, I guess
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