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Hi can anyone advise please.
I have five commercial rents coming in with no mortgage. I’m 47 years old and are looking to increase my portfolio so I can change my profession to land lord full time. The property’s are in my personal name. So what’s the best way forward to remortgage LDV or put the property’s in a company name!
There’s a fair bit of equality in the property’s so looking to borrow and buy. Have I left it a bit late or can I keep borrowing.


From what little I know I think there is more scope to offset finance costs, etc within a company but I would take professional advice on this. The authorities have tried to increase the tax burden (and reduce tax breaks) for private investors holding assets in their own name but I think the authorities are limited in what they can do when it comes to companies.


You would need to check with an accountant but it might be an idea to set up your own company and sell the properties to the company in the form of a loan. In effect the company would owe you the value of the properties which can be paid down over the years from investment returns and rental income. Repayment of loans is one of the most tax efficient means of extracting money from your company because it is effectively a debt.

I would take professional advice before moving ahead but I do see a number of benefits in holding your properties within a company umbrella. You might need to put in place some capital gains tax planning if there are significant gains on the properties you currently hold.