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We live on a 0.3 acre site with a 3500sqft house and garden. Next door is an identical property (mirror image). We would dearly like more space, but love the area. and so do not want to move. Would it be possible to buy the other plot if it came up for sale and then demolish both to build one bigger house straddling both plots? Is there a difference whether you build the house across both plots compared to building the bigger house on one plot and converting the other into garden (plus possibly garaging/ detached annexe)? Is local zoning likely to be an issue with the planners wanting ever increasing densities of development? Knocking through and (completely) refurbishing is another possibility but the houses are so compromised that we would rather start from scratch if possible.

I know that financially the best thing to do is always to build more properties per plot, but we just want to build the house that we want to live in and are prepared to tie up capital to do this. Possibly we could do it is such a way that when we come to downsize, we could then split the plots again to sell one as a house and one as a development opportunity to recoup the investment, but in the meantime we would have a house which was not crammed into a plot too small for it?

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This article should give you a little more insight:-



How would you build the property of your dreams and then split it at a later date? I would be intrigued to find out more information about your plans.