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Discussion in 'Holiday Lets' started by KGeeson, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. KGeeson

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    We have a family friend who is considering a holiday let as opposed to a standard buy-to-let investment. Does anyone have any advice on the different considerations investors should bear in mind for this type of investment? It would be UK based... how would you go about choosing the best location?
  2. nmb

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    From what I read the key to a successful holiday let investment is to maximise the time the property is in use. It is all good and well obtaining a premium rental income for six months of the year but would this cover the quiet six months?

    The best way to consider a holiday let investment would be to spread the total income over a year and then see what yield this equates to.
  3. Nicholas Wallwork

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    Yes I agree finding a location and property that lends itself to more all round use would help get your overall "yearly" income maximised.

    Bare in mind a lot of newer holiday lets in the UK have planning restrictions stopping year round use and are more often than not limited to 11 months use maximum (usually shut over a winter month). So you'll never have 100% occupancy!

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