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    We along with the "cbhinvestors5" group have opened a case in Dubai.

    All this talk about "Bonds" etc is a load of nonsense, we were sold this as a self sustaining investment, the returns from the business hub and the licences were meant to cover the returns.

    One thing is for sure there have been millions of dollars collected in terms of units sold and where has it all gone ? Also Crowngate were meant to be launching a Hotel in the UAE, what happened to that ? I suspect some of the CBH funds have perhaps been misappropriated towards this or towards the two men behind the operation.

    Whatever the situation it would seem that the money has run dry, let's see anyway as according to our information both men will not be able to leave the UAE as it stands, so lwe wait and see what the outcome is.

    Let's be honest who is going to lend this organisation funds in the form of the "bond" that they are talking about, and what will this be secured against, as far as we can see the company has no assets we are currently trying to see what entity owns the alleged plot of land for the proposed "AVANI" resort in RAK.

    The sale of an unregulated investment in Dubai and millions of dollars unaccounted for is not something that I would want to be facing questioning and potential serious jail time for anyway, you could be talking 10 to 15 years from what we have been told.

    Let's hope justice will be served in some form.
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    Please be advised this forum was brought to our attention this weekend. We totally understand investors concerns and frustrations but using an anonymous platform to raise concerns is not going to resolve any of the issues faced and could delay things further with the issuance of the bond.
    The managment and client services department are in constant communication with investors and are currently working extremely hard to resolve the issues we are facing.
    We have a full team on the ground in CBH and are available 24/7 to meet with any clients to discuss current situation and show investors the route we are taking to resolve this issue.
    Regarding the comment above that the bond is not happening we have spoken to many investors on the past 10 days and we were able to share documents with them to the contrary and show there is a bond in place.
    I would request any clients or groups on this forum to please contact us directly and we can meet with them or their representatives. We have open lines of communicating via email, phone or can meet in our offices at any stage.
    For obvious reasons we can’t communicate with any clients without verifying who they are so please contact is directly or via our client services dept and we will respond.

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