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    Hi All,

    I see the last thread has been closed I have no idea why.
    It seems like everyone has bought into this big fairytale about a bond and about how this bond is going to be used to pay us all back. We then listen to their talk about how if we “speak up” it will result in the bond not being issued and us losing our funds altogether. This is just a ploy from them to buy themselves some time, trust me.
    As a company they have zero assets- their office is rented, the CBH location in Dubai South is rented (and had zero subscribers) and the land in RAK is not owned but from what our research would suggest being paid for on a payment plan which has been defaulted.
    The monies which were collected from us in terms of sales has been burned through (some of it towards this land and a large chunk paying us back “ponzi” style) as a result of this these guys are now in a huge hole.
    Ask yourselves a serious question -:
    As a financial institution would you look at that organisation and in any way consider issuing them with a bond of any amount ?? No, of course you wouldn’t, no one will. We are being played like idiots here.
    I believe all this “bond” talk is purely to buy these guys some time to sort their affairs out and flee. The long and short of it is that this is an unregulated investment which has been issued in a regulated market, therefore the two gentleman behind this company are fully responsible for all of this and would be at the mercy of the police and the courts in respect of huge fraud charges, we reckon in excess of ten million dollars.
    I urge you all to join forces now, let’s give them 7 more days and then no longer accept the talk of a bond or any excuses, this has been months now we need to draw the line somewhere.
    Let’s all gather our information and submit it to the local fraud department, the DIFC, RERA and whoever else before it’s too late.
    At least if we never see our money again these two Irish fraudsters will be held accountable and their liberties removed. It’s either that or they swan off with their liberty and we lose our funds.

    I urge you all to be both sensible and realistic, take action now, these people have taken food from the mouths of our children.
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    We have tel record from Crowngate also CBH director Joe whom promise will return the funds at 20 Apr.

    Our solicitor in Dubai is ready the fraud sue against Crowngate
    at 20 Apr.

    We can join the lawsuit together seems nothing will pay back to CBH investors.

    Please advise all investors of China Business Hub which our solicitors are Alrowaad Dubai join us today now.
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    @R2D2 how are you progressing with all this ? Did you manage to engage a lawyer ?

    May I ask why you are going to a lawyer and not directly to the police and the DIFC ? The laws in the UAE regarding unregulated investments are strict and it is clear that they have been badly breached here, I would suggest that’s the route you take.

    There is no sign of this bond nor is it happening, the whole thing is a play to buy time in order for the Irishmen to get their affairs in order and flee back to their homeland, time is of the essence here. At least by going to the police with the documentation you can put a travel ban in place and that way we know that they cannot run away. We would do this but as we are not in UAE it is difficult, during our conversation we were told by CBH that they had sold around 350 of these, now that’s around $10,500,000 that they could get away with add on top of that the money which they have raised for this “hotel” and it’s a serious payday.

    We had some people do some real research into Crowngate as an organisation and we uncovered that they have never successfully completed or developed anything, on their website they stated that they had developed several residential projects in and around London, this transpired to be absolute nonsense, they were developed by another developer all “Crowngate” did was try to market a few.

    This whole thing has been one massive blag from day one, my fear is that these two con men ride off into the sunshine with out hard earned money and our children’s inheritance.

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