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  1. Cbhinvestors5

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    Hi All,

    I see the last thread has been closed I have no idea why.
    It seems like everyone has bought into this big fairytale about a bond and about how this bond is going to be used to pay us all back. We then listen to their talk about how if we “speak up” it will result in the bond not being issued and us losing our funds altogether. This is just a ploy from them to buy themselves some time, trust me.
    As a company they have zero assets- their office is rented, the CBH location in Dubai South is rented (and had zero subscribers) and the land in RAK is not owned but from what our research would suggest being paid for on a payment plan which has been defaulted.
    The monies which were collected from us in terms of sales has been burned through (some of it towards this land and a large chunk paying us back “ponzi” style) as a result of this these guys are now in a huge hole.
    Ask yourselves a serious question -:
    As a financial institution would you look at that organisation and in any way consider issuing them with a bond of any amount ?? No, of course you wouldn’t, no one will. We are being played like idiots here.
    I believe all this “bond” talk is purely to buy these guys some time to sort their affairs out and flee. The long and short of it is that this is an unregulated investment which has been issued in a regulated market, therefore the two gentleman behind this company are fully responsible for all of this and would be at the mercy of the police and the courts in respect of huge fraud charges, we reckon in excess of ten million dollars.
    I urge you all to join forces now, let’s give them 7 more days and then no longer accept the talk of a bond or any excuses, this has been months now we need to draw the line somewhere.
    Let’s all gather our information and submit it to the local fraud department, the DIFC, RERA and whoever else before it’s too late.
    At least if we never see our money again these two Irish fraudsters will be held accountable and their liberties removed. It’s either that or they swan off with their liberty and we lose our funds.

    I urge you all to be both sensible and realistic, take action now, these people have taken food from the mouths of our children.
  2. Cbhinvestors5

    Cbhinvestors5 New Member

    @R2D2 how are you progressing with all this ? Did you manage to engage a lawyer ?

    May I ask why you are going to a lawyer and not directly to the police and the DIFC ? The laws in the UAE regarding unregulated investments are strict and it is clear that they have been badly breached here, I would suggest that’s the route you take.

    There is no sign of this bond nor is it happening, the whole thing is a play to buy time in order for the Irishmen to get their affairs in order and flee back to their homeland, time is of the essence here. At least by going to the police with the documentation you can put a travel ban in place and that way we know that they cannot run away. We would do this but as we are not in UAE it is difficult, during our conversation we were told by CBH that they had sold around 350 of these, now that’s around $10,500,000 that they could get away with add on top of that the money which they have raised for this “hotel” and it’s a serious payday.

    We had some people do some real research into Crowngate as an organisation and we uncovered that they have never successfully completed or developed anything, on their website they stated that they had developed several residential projects in and around London, this transpired to be absolute nonsense, they were developed by another developer all “Crowngate” did was try to market a few.

    This whole thing has been one massive blag from day one, my fear is that these two con men ride off into the sunshine with out hard earned money and our children’s inheritance.
  3. Sara Lau

    Sara Lau New Member

    Hi! Sorry I'm late to find the forum here just right now. I'm the suffering for CBH and also RAK Hotel project as well. I still could contact to the guy of Crowngate - Gavin two weeks ago as he made the story to me in last two months and finally yell me and without reply anymore. Anyway, any group I should join.
  4. dbs01

    dbs01 New Member

    Hello, anybody can give an update on the status. Have Crowngate been suited? Can other investors join? Gavin has been silent for more than 2 weeks now. I am afraid funds are already gone.
  5. Sara Lau

    Sara Lau New Member

    Did anyone contact to Crowngate even Gavin or Linda recently? What we should do? How can we get back the money? :(:mad:
  6. Mohd

    Mohd New Member

    she say as she get update from CBH they will update investor . time buying game .
    CBH close their webste
  7. Mohd

    Mohd New Member

    any one file case let us know to join instead individual filing
  8. Sara Lau

    Sara Lau New Member

    I want to know who file the case as well. we may be gather the team.
  9. Sara Lau

    Sara Lau New Member

    Crowngate website can't work now........

    NOTICE: This domain name expired on 7/28/2019 and is pending renewal or deletion.
  10. doctor

    doctor New Member

    me too folks..Am joining ..
  11. doctor

    doctor New Member

    yes I contacted her by autoreply she is sick :(
  12. InvestorL

    InvestorL New Member

    Hi Everyone, Just found this forum. A group of my friends and I in Taiwan all bought into this and now are considering banding together to take legal action. But unsure where to start. If someone has already started something, please let us know so we can see if we can combine forces. Thank you
  13. InvestorL

    InvestorL New Member

    Hi, By DIFC, do you mean Dubai Internatinal Financial Centre?
    Thank you
  14. CBH admin

    CBH admin New Member


    This forum has been brought to our attention again in the past fortnight, it's understandable that people are frustrated and angry and want a place to discuss this.
    What is not understandable is why some posters are putting up spurious comments that are totally untrue. In particular that the directors have " runaway" or disappeared to buy some time. This couldn't be further from the truth, our offices in Dubai are still very much open and operational and can be visited by any client at any stage.
    We have had some major delays regarding the bond and had to make some major changes which delayed things even further.
    We also had one of the institutional investors back out at the final hour due to their compliance team reading comments posted online which were totally unfounded.
    We now have investment partners who are happy to come on board which will allow us to fast track the refinance and be in a position to sit down with all clients and resolve this issue.
    Hugely negative comments online that are unfounded are only going to disrupt any funding and cause more issues for all involved.
    An email was sent to all clients earlier this week with contact details of our new client services manager, and all the clients have our office details.
    We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue and appreciate the importance for all clients but are not going to be able to when anonymous parties are posting unfounded allegations online. If the directors were " running away" as is claimed they would not still be engaging with clients and putting all their resources into maintaining offices with staff, plus spending all their time working to resolve the issue.
  15. InvestorL

    InvestorL New Member

    There was no email communication this week from CBH or Crowngate
  16. Why does everyone just accept these stories and then go quiet ?
    This has now been a year of no returns and empty promises, the thing is when anyone raises the issue everyone is just threatened with “oh if you say anything then we won’t get our funding” which is nonsense, I for one do not believe for one second we will ever see one dirham of our funds back.
    If what these guys say is true then what would put our minds at rest is an open meeting in Dubai between us investors and the two men behind “Crowngate International” the two “co-chairman”. If they can turn up at a neutral venue in Dubai, prove they are still in the country and talk us through what is happening then I dare say it would go some to putting our minds at rest, so there you have it, stop all the talk and turn up !!!
    Also this funding and financing we talk off that is going to pay us back, what exactly are they borrowing money for ? Is it “Chinese Business Hub” as I cannot see anyone lending money for that, in fact there is no chance, or are they trying to fund another venture to get them out of the “Chinese Business Hub” hole, which surely wouldn’t be legal and would surely only land them in a much deeper hole. None of this makes sense, hence the reason we need a sit down meeting in Dubai with Joe Mccormack and Gavin Smyth at the earliest possible opportunity, they say everything is very transparent well if it is this won’t be an issue.
  17. Tasbirul Choudhury

    Tasbirul Choudhury New Member

    Dear. All,
    I invested with CBH ( 5 Units) in early 2018, they only paid one payment in April 2018, since then they stopped, I am fad-up of there story’s for last one and half year. I think we all investor’s of CBH should get together in Dubai & report to the Police as soon as possible before it is to late.
    I propose to fix a date perhaps next week for a meeting with all CBH investors in Dubai & decide together.
  18. Antony Smith

    Antony Smith New Member

    I'm sorry but perhaps my English is not so great-good.

    Does anyone actually have any proove that this investment is not valid? I have been an investor for 2 years and have had some payments but not recent.

    I understand from my English that they are now in Ireland and not in Dubai. Is this correct.
  19. Tasbirul Choudhury

    Tasbirul Choudhury New Member

    Since there is a signed agreement with CBH supported by a valid trade licence from UAE & they accepted payments in UAE company Bank accountant from us investors. Two months back I have been suggested by the legal advisers to report to the police & involve media, I did not do that as I was promised by Joe ( one of the director of CBH ) that he will sort out in few weeks “it’s going on & on for over last one year” I don’t believe them anymore, we can very much prove that they have taken money from us with ill motive & closed the CBH offices without our knowledge & not paying us as per the agreement they are now just buying time to find a safe location for them self.
    Even if they have runaway with our investment, the amount is large enough for involving Interpol to hunt them down from U.K. or Ireland. I have passports details of them & other relevant details, all we need is to do is get together & report to the police & bring it to the knowledge of UAE government by involving media etc...
    I am sure UAE Government will not like to see any fording of this size in UAE & allow them to getaway with it.
    I have proposed for a meeting in Dubai perhaps next week for all the investors to discuss on CBH.

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