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Cheap Bulgarian House 25 km from the sea.

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by Orchun, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Orchun

    Orchun New Member

    Hello everybody ,

    I want to sell a house in Bulgaria.It's located in Village called Spasovo.
    The village is just 25 km from the sea , it's in Dobrich region.

    the nearest town is in about 17 km.The house needs renovation , but has a garden with area of 2400 sq.m.

    The village is one of the biggest in this region.There has a around 4-5 fully new houses from English people.Has many shops in the village.

    I'm telling again the house is for renovation or coming down but it has a big garden and I'm the owner and I'm selling the house cheap for this region.

    the price is 5500 euro !!! (is it cheap?)

    in the picture you'll see a text "SOLD" and "village Spasovo" I'm sorry about this because I haven't right now any other pictures of the house.I'm a Turkish and I live in Varna,Bulgaria.

  2. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    its not about cheap or not

    its bout how much cash flow the 5500 euro will give to the investor and i think it will take not give becouse you will need to pay taxes
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