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Chat between drunk men sparked terror warning!

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by G.invester, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. G.invester

    G.invester New Member

  2. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    Great, just friggin great. Two drunk guys caused all of this?

    We talk politics all the time, everyone talks about politics in hotels, restaurants, everywhere. Why do silly british tourists over react when they hear a group of ppl talkin politics or joking about it. Its stupid.

    This is why I left the UK. If a bear farts in the middle of London, the British Government declares high alert, the tubes get searched, ppl randomly stopped and searched,... ur fone calls are tapped. . etc.

    Then some of my fellow british citizens on holiday in Abu Dhabi over react to some convo by a couple of drunk men.... great, fantastic. Thanks guys!..

  3. Ali786

    Ali786 New Member

    What a joke...
  4. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

  5. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

  6. Ali786

    Ali786 New Member

    I think the british tourist was more drunk. One think is strange in news they say drunk men was arabic and tourist english. So are arabs talking to each other in english or english tourest understand arabic very well that they understand what those arabs are saying.

    Arabs talking in english is difficult but if tourish knew arabic so well than hats off to them.
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