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CBD, International City - getting Discount

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by mubinirl, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. mubinirl

    mubinirl New Member

    Hi All,

    My unit is finally coming to completion but the price has fallen by as much as 40% than what I had bought. The developer refuses to give any relief though even their costs has probably gone down. Is there any other way I can get some kind of discount on this ?


  2. dalvir bains

    dalvir bains New Member

    Nearly all of us have lost 40% on our units, but thats the way life goes, we took the gamble, but as long as you can get it rented out after completion, at least you can get a return, also the service charges are sky high in dubai,
    further to your question regarding discount from your developer, theres no chance! the dubai laws on their side, as dubai law always favours them instead of customers like us! lets just hope that things pick up soon,
    The best thing for dubai is to stop ALL new building, as there is FAR too much oversupply at the moment as it is.
  3. alden

    alden New Member

    Rental income

    Hi Dalvir. We have just recieved a email from our agent regarding the renewal of our tennants lease, its a studio in the france cluster the offer is aed 17.000, the agents advice is take it as it would very difficult to get another tennant and this is now the going rate in I/C. Not long now before the service charge is more than the rental income, iam sure we all have a good idea what will happen then if its not already happening, a ghost town and property worth nothing ?
  4. dalvir bains

    dalvir bains New Member

    Hi alden, i agree with you 100% i remember reading your earlier posts and i know that you invested in dubai quite some years ago too, but theres nothing we can do but to take whatever rental is being offered, at least we had a good 2-3 years return at the start.
    I/C is not the worst affected area as it is still popular, a lot of other apartment prices elsewhere were OVER double the price of I/C and their rentals are nearly the same as I/C now
  5. alden

    alden New Member


    Hi Dalvir Interesting article about international city in the Gulf news. try and have a look.
  6. dalvir bains

    dalvir bains New Member

  7. alden

    alden New Member

    i/c gulf news

    Hi Dalvir. Yes thats the article, Ive visited i/c four times over the years since it first started to be built,and in my opinion with nakheel never really finishing the job it was only ever going to go one way and that was downhill. I now think its a case of too little too late iam afraid.
  8. sriikanth

    sriikanth New Member

    Dear Friends

    I have a studio flat in CBD Al Jawzaa and is scheduled to be completed in a months time. can you guys please suggest a good real estate agent ( interms of service and price) as I am stay out of Dubai and don't know which real estate agent to trust.

    any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks a ton
  9. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    You are living in a different world
  10. Allsopps

    Allsopps New Member

    Hi Mubinirl,

    Any property market around the world, a much often used chiche is Location, Location, Location...... One of the most important factors of purchasing a property. Naturally with International City being a distance from central Dubai and the decline in rents over the last couple of years, International City does offer value for money.
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