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Case study for UK Daily Mail

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by ColleenExpat, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. ColleenExpat

    ColleenExpat New Member

    My name is Colleen and I need to talk to three to four British expats living in Dubai who have been hit badly by the credit crunch and economic downturn. If you are British, live in Dubai and have been made redundant in recent months or are in negative equity, have had to default on your mortgage or bought property off-plan and are worried about the future of this investment, please text or phone me +44 7967443374. It is to be interviewed for the UK-based Daily Mail newspaper. Thank you.
  2. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Why is the Daily Mail interested in this? Is this going to be another case of the small minded
    British press slating Dubai?
  3. ColleenExpat

    ColleenExpat New Member

    Thank you Dobuy. It's just a chance for any Brit living in Dubai who has been hit to talk about what's happened to them as a result of the economic crisis.
  4. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Its also a chance for the Daily Mail to slate Dubai.
  5. heat_wave

    heat_wave New Member

    yeh the daily mail seems to dislike Dubai. I remember them writing about the British sex couple on a daily basis and siding with them.
  6. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member

    Obviously, they seem to opine that sex on beach is not immoral.

    How discriminatory on the british media's part to patronize such an act for the sole purpose of supporting one of them. I agree many britons living in dubai would take a stance opposite to that of the british media.

    After all hiting the policeman is not morality in any country, especially if you break a country's law. In this it means insulting morality............
  7. Brendan R

    Brendan R New Member

    That's because of gloom at home and jealousy. The UK daily mail is trying to relieve the gloomy life of UK people by giving negative pictures of the outside world. I guess they're trying to stop massive immigration. People are leaving in droves because of unemployment, a weak pound (problematic if you're an expat seding home some cash), the high cost of living and high taxation. This is very much shadenfreude.
  8. heat_wave

    heat_wave New Member

    I am still surprised as I do come across many people leaving Dubai to go home. It seems however bad it is here it could be worse you could be in the UK! I guess maybe the problems here have hit a couple of people badly. Who knows...
    All I know is the Daily Mail is for readers with too much time on their hands wanting some gossip.
  9. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    They leave because they have no choice.They have lost their jobs so what are they supposed to do.
  10. BluePlanet

    BluePlanet New Member

    Maybe the Brit living in Dubai doesn't want to talk about what's happened to them as a result of the economic crisis, nor the Brit living in the US, nor the Brit in living Spain, nor the Brit in Britain for that matter. Unless the Daily Mail wants to pay them ££££ to tell their story and get them out of the crisis they are in.... Why always report gloom when there's also the sunny side?
  11. BDotADot

    BDotADot New Member

    lol hahah bless colleen

    im a 24 year old uk resident but i have made a killing in dubai, would you like that as a story? would you put a picture of me in the paper?
  12. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Colleen what did your work colleagues think of that great advert for Dubai from Piers Morgan tonight?
    I bet they are feeling even more sick with hatred for the place right now ?
  13. heat_wave

    heat_wave New Member

    Piers Morgan is great. I can't believe how much negative publicity Dubai is getting. Why is this? There are countries bombing others and countries involved in genocide. Whats up with people hating Dubai? Its strange. Why would one country be jealous of another? Ugh before I had to put up with negative media on Iran now its negative media on Dubai.
  14. samsaf

    samsaf New Member

    Well, everybody was jealous from Dubai for making such advancements in no time, it because the "Dubai Dream" something the west is not really too happy to see in an arab country... The were waiting for something like this because, in their subconscious, they think that Dubai doesn't really deserve to be a success.

    Not only the western, if you were and arab, go to arabic news website such as "Al-Arabia" news, and read the comments written by arabs, some of them are living in Dubai and they wish for the doom and bloom of Dubai, some of them because they want to see prices and rentals go down, but most of them because they came to Dubai to carry money and go send home, not to have anything to do with Dubai's real-estate... they didn't believe in Dubai when the property market started in 2004 and they hated it when they saw the prices going sky-high (they have missed the boat) so they were waiting long time ago for the boat to sink, to prove they were right in the first place not to put any money in!

    It is human nature... but I personally believe that Dubai will prosper and survive... the only think I hope that Dubai (and the UAE in general) is to give us, the believers in Dubai, some sort of recognition...

    In fact, I didn't buy my own property because I wanted to make a killing, I bought it because I wanted to get the residency visa (I wanted to go and study abroad, and I wanted to return back to Dubai to settle in)..

    .. even when I heard that Dubai has stopped giving the residency visa, I still believed that this is temporary, I mean, what country would not allow you to visit you own property which you have bought in you own money?

    I am still betting on Dubai, and I still believe in the Dubai dream... it is up to Dubai to keep up this dream...

    ... that was a mouthful, I know :p but I am happy to share it :D
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