Caribbean beachfront Panama



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I have been looking at other Caribbean beachfront properties and no other post on this blog compares. There is a titled, beachfront development being launched in April that has it starting units at $76,000. This is not some down the buppy road 3 hour journey niether. These are located 45 minutes from Panama City.

Panama, as many of you have read about, has one of the hottest markets in the world right now. It is due to many different factors with the Canal, property exempt status, international airport hub, and general increase in economic activities.

No other Latin American or Caribbean country has as fast of growing economy nor divesified economy as Panama. Panama recieves reveune from Canal transportation and this will increase in the coming years. Second, Panama, unlike most of other countries in the region, is one of the least effected countries going to be hit by the American ressesion. Most other countries are very dependent on American tourist and from other countries. This translates to less economic activity which means alot less property apprechiation.

Bala Beach resort is developing a beach resort on the Caribbean coast. It blows it competiton out of the water because of its design, atmosphere and location only 45 minutes from Panama City.