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    it is illegal to block or prevent free transit on a public road... which all lotamentos have... public roads. meaning anyone can travel through, into, or onto this site.
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    Two pointers - the estimated housing deficit in Brazil is estimated at 8 million with the potential to grow to 20 million taking into account population growth and family traditions changing (people moving out to their own homes at a younger age). Not 200.000.000 - that's the whole population of Brazil and of course many of them already have homes. But yes - the demand from Brazilians is still staggering when compared to overseas second home owners.

    SEMACE is for Urban land normally - city centre plots and developments - in rural locations the environmental bodies such as IBAMA, IDEMA, OBAMA, etc depending on the state you live in.

    I don't know the layout of Caponga but normally developments build their own roads which are private, they don't normally build on either side of a public road.
  3. Simon Eaton

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    JM Broad.

    The scope for home owners is 200 000 000. The housing deficit is between 8 and 9 million. Reuters recently estimated over 27 million new homes will be required. This does not take into account the home sales and purchases, including foreign buyers, investment funds, etc etc.

    SEMACE is purely the local environmental body covering local concerns in Ceara.

    I would say that you are lacking information on Lotamentos, as the plots are co ordinated alongside public roads.

    All roads in lotamentos are PUBLIC, not PRIVATE.

    this means that you have to build along side the roads, or you can not access the plot.

    If you build private roads you need to change the lotamento into a condominium. A condominium allows you to buy the public roads from the government, if they allow you. A condominium is not individual plots, it is individual units, such as an apartment building.

    Hope that helps clarify the actual legality.
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    Hi Simon

    Semace handles all environmental concerns in the state of Ceara? Ok - here in Rio Grande do Norte they only handle city centre concerns - outside of the centre it's handled by IDEMA. I was under the impression that it was IBAMA in Ceará but it has been a few years since I did anything in Ceará so I'll defer to your more "hands on" knowledge

    The misunderstanding we were having was the English terminology obviously - A "loteamento" is very different from a "Condomínio Fechado". I was referring to "Condominios Fechados" while you were referring obviously to "Loteamentos".

    For those who are a bit lost: a "Loteamento" is (in very layman terms) a bunch of plots near each other, with no wall around them, with public infrastrucutre and normally very few amenities. A "Condomínio Fechado" is a gated community of houses often with more amenities and walls around the development.

    The reason for the misunderstanding is because we are just at the delivery stage (Actual delivery date is Friday next week) of our latest "Land Project". Except ours is a gated condominium - as you referred to "ALL THE OTHER LAND PROJECTS" I wanted to highlight the difference.
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    Yes, and the land project you are working on is much better and a safer bet for investors (usually). This goes back to my point regarding Caponga Beach, it is a loteamento... therefore the infrastructures and amenities are far more basic, not guaranteed, and not private... I believe this makes for a weak investment in areas without already high housing demand, as it actually devalues the area due to such large number of units being placed on the market.

    thank you for the clarity JM.
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    I've been looking at Capongo Beach recently, not sure about the returns predicted either, seems a little unrealistic. Can anybody recommend a good investment in Brazil.
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    what is the latest on CAPONGA 'BEACH'

    Stuart (or anyone else, for that matter),

    We're now almost three years (35 months) further down the road.
    Or 6 years after the marketing and sales started..

    Could I get a list of available plots, current prices and ideally some up-to-date information with aerial photos of this beach project?



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