Cape Verde 27% return for 20 yeras.

Discussion in 'Overseas Property For Sale' started by Trevor, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    Hotel rooms in a 5* resort Cape Verde with 27% return for 20 years with part ownership in the resort.

    Price 12,000 Euros.

    You will be a co-participant in the resort complex with all it's facilities
    (bars,restaurants,swimming pool, shops).
    You will be a shareholder in the ltd company and have a share in the profits of the Hotel, bars, restaurants etc.

    Use the hotel rooms as a passive investment.

    You can use the room 1 week each year (or more depending on the number of your participations) or take a 27% per annum return.
    Over 20 years that is 5.4 times your investment back.

    There is a 90 Euro fee per participation for maintaining the rooms.

    Is it timeshare?
    No, as that would mean you buy the right of use, here you have ownership
    and there are no high yearly fees as with timeshare.

    NB. The purchase price of one hotel room = 468,000 Euros.
    Return from the purchase of one hotel room = 126,360 Euros per year for 20 years.

    NB. The purchase price of one hotel room = 468,000 Euros.
    Return from the purchase of one hotel room = 126,360 Euros per year for 20 years.

    Bank guarantees as of 75k.

    Contact: [email protected]
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  2. DC

    DC Member

    Half a million euros for a hotel room, that seems very expensive
  3. DC

    DC Member

    Each hotel room is rented out for 346 euros a day, again not cheap, 365 days a year
  4. Escott

    Escott Banned

    Sometimes facts to people selling on commission are just bs abstractions.
  5. ady1231

    ady1231 New Member

    Half a Million Euros!in Cape verde, Mate how long have you been selling properties for? I would never consider anyhting like that. I can buy a 2 bed flat for 100K Euros in Sal!
  6. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

    Please consider your replies, keep it educational and civil! (Escott,Andy1231).
    You can buy a Hotel room in Bayswater for £317,000 with an 8% per annum return?
    In Cape Verde, you're investment is returned in 3.7 years at 27% a year (with a bank guarantee in place).
    Escott, I am interested to learn your !! abstractions. Self interest - offering nothing into the arena that is helpful to anyone.
    As I don't wish to be abrasive please think before you post your opinions, no one is going to object to a sensible posting.
  7. DC

    DC Member

    Guys relax

    Right, lets give a bit of respect to all parties.

    Enough of bad words and personal attacks, lets just get specific.

    We are all fair people so lets us treat each other with courtesy. There is only the place here for Respect.

    Lets keep it positive. Thank you.
  8. overseas wills

    overseas wills New Member


    Ive heard good things about CV but buying a hotel room is in my mind not a sensible option. Having said that what does 12k get you these days............

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