Canada or USA, which real estate market appeals to you?



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For many years Canada was seen as the poor cousin of the USA but this is not really the case today. The Canadian property market has risen dramatically over the years with many seeing this as a reflection of prudent economic management by the government. If you had to choose today, would you put your real estate funds into the USA or Canada?

Emi Roy

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I would put it in a house in Florida. But I regard it more as a family house where to stay when going to the USA, than as property to invest in.


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As a Canadian who owns multiple US properties, I prefer US RE

In many states I have better rights as a landlord. And getting $US while living in Canada and paying expenses in $C is nice

Also, when travelling to the US I never think about how much things cost in $US

In fact, I’m good when travelling anywhere in the world with $US
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I would be interested to hear your view on the Canadian property market. I read recently that the Canadian government is looking to reduce the level of overseas investment from the likes of China. Is this right? Is this working?