Canada - A Very Lucrative Place to Invest

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If you are looking for a very secure real estate investment which offers high returns and rental income, go to Canada.

As property investors you all must know what is happening in Canada. If not let me tell you. The Economy is going crazy, in a good way of course!

Specifically speaking, western Canada is a great place to invest your money into real estate. Whether you are looking for a high capital growth investment with rental revenue, or a second home/investment property western Canada has it all.

Most of you have probably heard of the Alberta oil sands. Basically, Alberta is home to the second largest reserve of oil in the world next to Saudi Arabia. Historically, it has been expensive to recover the oil as the technoligical processes have been expensive and the oil prices not high enough to cover the costs. However, in the past few years this has all changed. Oil prices are sky rocketing and the processes by which the oil is extracted are becoming cheaper. Saying this, there is a huge push in Alberta for the oil. Everyone is benefitting.

The money in Alberta is not only affecting local real estate. The money is pouring further west to the resort destinations for holiday homes. This is driving the resort market in BC. Young affluent workers on the rigs need somewhere to live, so they choose suburbs surrounding the oil fields. There is a lot of opportuntiy here.

Many investors overseas look at buying Canada and quickly rule it out thinking it is too far away and the process is too hard. This is not true. The buying process in Canada is very seamless and quick. Do not let geography stand in your way!

If you want any more information, especially on great opportunities let me know. I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't believe it.

Hope you are all having a good day!
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