Can we ever avoid the boom and bust cycle of the worldwide property market?

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Short answer is 'No'

But all types of buyers, from investors to life style buyers, can take advantage of the downturns

Even in an increasing market you can mitigate the effects of a future downturn by picking good locations in established economies

There are always some pundits who , perhaps by luck, forecast the change in the market!...

But for most of us, if you buy in a good location then the odds and economic history of property, indicate to us that medium to long term, you will do OK

Just now you are buying in a falling market which may or may not be close to the bottom, so if you are wanting to buy, and there is no reason not to, then make sure that it is a good deal

No off plan just what is ready now or re sale...and the asking prices, even if marketed as reduced by 25%, is just asking price so you can make an offer!....but not everyone has to sell!

If you buy in 2009 for life style , you will see perhaps another boom and bust but in the right location still end up with a nice return !
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