Can they really do this?



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I want to ask if anyone could advise on the following scenario.
A friend made an off plan investment in Dubai.
Their business was shutdown and still is shutdown due to coronavirus.
They were unable to finish the payments, they had already paid 2/3.
The buyer was looking into their options and found that the developer has a terrible reputation and has dozens of people trying to get refunds.
The buyer has now lost conference in the developer and would no longer like to proceed even if they could afford to.
The developer grossly exaggerated the returns and did not receive the payments through a escrow account are just two of the many grievances people have against this developer.
The developer show no mercy to those who's income has been affected by corona and sent the message saying they were terminating the contract and would seize the funds already paid and may pursue the money due.
The buyer is now broke and struggling to pay rent and cannot afford a lawyer.
Surely they can't just seize the money with out a court order and surely the buyer should have the right to put their side of the story to the judge.
Any advice welcome.
Thank You