Can letting agencies insist that they 'protect' you?



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My letting agency (well known) keeps writing to me every so often chasing up on various regulatory bits (gas safety etc) - very nice of them - but it irks me that they use phrases such as this:
'because of the legal safety requirements of having in place a valid xxx. please be aware that if we do not receive a response by xxx we will need to send in a contractor to complete this inspection in order to protect your position as a Landlord.'

I appreciate the reminder although I've my own google reminders and contractors who do this for me. But can they insist on 'protecting' my position as a Landlord?
I simply see it as them hoping we'll forget so that they can send their much more expensive contractors in. I pay for letting only service. Not management. No other estate agents have done this in the past and I've been a landlord over 20 years. Is this now a new legal thing?

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This is interesting. Have you tried asking them what they mean exactly by protecting your position as a Landlord? In the contract that you signed with them, what are the terms about them providing services to you?


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