Can anybody give me an advice to rent a flat in dubai?


Unesta Dubai

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I need to know how I can rent a flat in Dubai without paying the agency fees or an agents commission.

I found lot of property portals but none of them has genuine landlords and all the studios and flats are getting let by agents.


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Hello Unesta,

welcome to the forum.

If i were looking to rent a property in the UK without going through an agent, I would probably look at local bulletin boards, small newspaper ads or websites such as Gumtree, where you will often find landlords advertising properties directly. I don't know what the equivalent of those would be in Dubai but i'm sure there must be something! :)

It might also be worth using social media groups for the local area to promote the fact you are looking to rent...


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check out dubizzle or waseet for direct sales from land lordes. hopefully you’ll find one

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