Calling victims of The First Group.

Discussion in 'Middle East Property' started by Abu Fahad, Oct 6, 2019.

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    I have a problem with The First Group in Dubai. They refuse to talk to me after agreeing to refund. After some research I have found that there are a lot of other people haveing similar problems with this company. many people complaining of them waiting at the air port and offering visitors free rides but take them to their offices where sales people apply incredible pressure for them to sign and pay a deposit immediately for an investment they don't want, promises of unrealistic returns, not communicating once they have the money and a lot more.

    Has anyone else had experiences with them and can share their story? Anyone managed to get their refund?
  2. I thought the authorities were on top of the situations? Are there not regulations now whereby funding is put to one side in case there are financial issues going forward? Have you been in contact with the authorities?
  3. Abu Fahad

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    I have been in touch with The Land department in Dubai and they have done nothing. This problem is far from under control
    I don't know about other developers in Dubai but it seems The First Group are running rogue and not abiding by any rules and no authority is doing anything about them no matter how many complaints they get.
    If you look at their page on Trustpilot and other sites you will see that I am only one of many that are having problems.
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