Calling on all investors in harmony by chapal world llc.

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by dansss, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. dansss

    dansss New Member

    I have invested in chapal the harmony,the building is only 25% complete.the construction is stopped presently.last completion date was sep2011.even on their sites constuction updates are deleted .moreover their office is closed and owners are not available.they have shifted their focus to their real estate broker business,they are not showing any links to them but when i spoke to the main lady in charge i understood that they are offering to only swap at a very exhorbitant in which they have their percentage.if we get our monies back we can purchase a lower rate then what the swap rate is.
    As for refund she says not get it back.i feel that going the legal way is the only resort.
    All the investors wishing to join me can conatct me at this forum.
  2. Mhan Mir

    Mhan Mir New Member

    Hi , I have a aprt. In this project , Please inform me if you have solution ?

  3. dansss

    dansss New Member

    Join this group.

    Presently one real estate company offering swap to Dubai property but only a ruse to get more money.One member from this forum namely jubilee has just now informed to join a ACTION GROUP.I am forwarding his thread for you to read and join.

    Below is the post that i have just received please read and take action accordingly
    also forward it to all.

    [Are you a Chapal World Investor? Join an Action Group.
    Have you invested in any of the Chapal World Properties in either Ajman or Dubai? These are: Chapal The Presidency, Chapal The Harmony, Chapal The Glory, Chapal The Legacy, Chapal Corals, Chapal Dunes, Chapal Signature, Chapal Tropicals, Chapal Flora Residences, Emirates Lake Towers and Chapal Emirates Points.

    I am looking to identify as many Chapal Word investors as possible with a view to setting up an Action Group to try and get the Government to take notice and some action with a view to recovering investor’s hard earned money. Options will also include group court action and/or supporting and informing those who are going down this route alone. I am a Chapal Investor myself and I am just about to commence court action but even getting to this point has been a journey of discovery and frustration.

    The Action Group will also be a means of support and communication for investors. I will consider setting up a website if enough interest but first I need to gauge whether I can identify enough engaged and active Chapal investors to make this worthwhile and effective.

    Please email your details to ChapalWorldActionGroupatHotmaildotcodotuk providing information on what property you have invested in and how much you have invested. Please provide brief details of any action you have taken and what the outcome was. I may use some of this information in the website if it will help others. Also personal details will be kept strictly confidential.

    Also if you are in contact with other Chapal Investors – please pass on this message and ask them to email. You can also support by posting this thread in any other forum/website associated to Chapal.]
  4. DSC MAN

    DSC MAN New Member

    Are they still in Dubai
  5. manshow

    manshow New Member

    That sounds too bad from their side. So what is the legal solution that you are about to take? And what would be the expense that have to make for legal solution? Think if that exceeds the loss that you may incur in swap rate and take a wise decision. If you get many supports, then there would not be any problem for you as you all can share the expense. Just thought to suggest.
  6. shakoor123

    shakoor123 New Member

    I had invested into chapal world: the destiny and paid 65%. I am also interested in joining a group to take legal action against Chapal world. my e-mail address is shakur123AThotmailDOTcoDOTuk

    thank you
  7. cgiartist

    cgiartist New Member

    I have also bought a 3 bedroom in Harmony. Did you guys take any legal action? What happened?
  8. Khairallah

    Khairallah New Member

    Action to be taken against the Developer to recover full money along with interest.
  9. cgiartist

    cgiartist New Member

    I am interested. What is going to cost and approx how long will it take? Do i have to be in UAE?
  10. Khairallah

    Khairallah New Member

    You do not require being present here, just need to give Power of Attorney. Provide more facts in order to send detailed opinion.
  11. cgiartist

    cgiartist New Member

    I bought a three bdr apartment on the Harmony which is almost fully paid. My email is cgiartistATyahooDOTcom if you need to send me something.
  12. bdoor

    bdoor New Member

    where is Chapal now

    I also bought a bedroom in the 8th floor. are they still in the country? what can we do to get our money back? there offices are in Dubai..where are they now?
  13. gevara

    gevara New Member


    I have bought aunit in harmony since 2007 and it was cost 250000 DH , and i have payed for chapal company 200000 DH . then i leave to palestin and i am in gaza now and i dont know what to do to get my money or my unit in harmony . please advice me and thanks for you .


  14. gevara

    gevara New Member

    I have bought aunit in harmony since 2007 and it was cost 250000 DH , and i have payed for chapal company 200000 DH . then i leave to palestin and i am in gaza now and i dont know what to do to get my money or my unit in harmony . please advice me and thanks for you .
  15. Pramila

    Pramila New Member

    Hi friends,
    Have any of u taken any action in this matter.......if yes please advice
  16. Sumaiyah

    Sumaiyah New Member

    I also have a property in Ajman...i am interested in Filing a case against Chapal as well. If anyone of you has logged a case can you please share the details
  17. T. Al - Jalilee

    T. Al - Jalilee New Member

  18. T. Al - Jalilee

    T. Al - Jalilee New Member

    I, also have foolishly invested in Chapal the Glory, where the builder Chapal World as every one know by now that they turned to be crooks who took us all to the Cleaner before, any one had woke up and smell the coffee. I have been chased by the accountant of this dishonest firm on a frequent basis to make payments on a project which was already stopped years before their request to continue making payments. So we were cheated deliberately with pre meditated plan. I paid 75% of the total Purchase value of the apartment while the progress in my estimate have not yet reached 5 % ( Only six levels of the concrete skeleton of the building out of 50 floors had been constructed before the collapse of the project ). In the meantime the crook had kept on collecting money from the investors and deliberately misleading them till his run away under the very eyes of RERA. The Investors expected RERA &/or the UAE government will seriously steps in and provide the least measures of protection to the foreign investors who had put their trusted and confidence in the UAE real estate market, but got great disappointment to see nothing has yet been done at their power and jurisdiction. In my humbled opinion, a legal action in the Local Court will be a total waste of time and money. This will get you nothing but wasting more of good money after bad. It will get you Court Fees ( AED25K), The Lawyer's Fees (10% of your total Purchase price ) and tons of Headache & additional expenses. You will get judgment in your favor for sure, some did already, but these judgments is not worth the paper it is written on. Unless all investors get together and form a Action Front that could approach and influence Governments, Embassies and Business Sectors all over the world and try to seize the assets of Chapal World and its associated firms, Otherwise, I suggest you may have to write up your losses and hopefully you will learn your lesson that you should not ever, trust any Arab Country with your investment, as there is no Laws or Regulations to protect your investment and your rights You will be taking a great risk on your own. As far as the swap deal is concern . this is an other scam by which they mislead you into buying an un desirable properties by twice its market value and make you give up your money you paid the crook ( Chapal World ) for nothing. Frustrating enough to see a lot of people talking in these forum but no organization or affirmative action FRONT has yet been formed to bring the crook to justice and make him TO Honor his contractual obligation . Perhaps, the UAE Government should seize all his assets in the country, and complete these disrupted projects on his behalf and totally on his own cost plus fees and give the Investors their rights so that the world will gain back the trust & confidence in the UAE investment market.. I am open to any constructive and practical approach which the group may suggest to follow up until we get our money back.
  19. Madi

    Madi New Member

    Hi every body,.

    I wasted my money and time in damn UAE, Ajman, Chapal world the legacy. have you read this:
    The Dubai Courts has listed 166 real estate projects in its newly-issued project cancellation list, Emirates 24|7 can reveal.

    The Cancelled Real Estate Projects Committee is currently hearing 17 projects all of which were launched by Reliance Estate Development.

    Two projects by Khyool Investment – Abjar Tower and Faras 2 – have been liquidated and money has been distributed among investors.

    The courts, however, clarify that there is no specific time period for the judgment to be passed in projects that are under consideration with all investors being informed of the final judgment using different ways of communication listed in advance on its website.

    The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera), the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department, has never officially published the list of cancelled projects.

    Here is the official list (# developers name and followed by the projects) of cancelled projects mentioned by the Dubai Courts under various categories.

    Cancelled projects which have been transferred to the committee and will be heard soon
    # Chapal World LLC.
    Chapal Emirates Point

    Any news from the UAE court?
    Any one heard any thing from 2 years ago?
  20. Akmal. The lawyer

    Akmal. The lawyer New Member


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