Calling All Investors in Creek Towers Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Aclark, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Aclark

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    We are trying to contact as many investors in the Creek Towers I & II project. The developer is Long Coast Real Estate. We have attempted to contact Long Coast Real Estate many times since handing over our deposit in 2008. The project has still not started and Long Coast Real Estate refuse to communicate. H
    We are forming a consortium with other investors and intend to take legal action against Long Coast as it would seem that they have no intention of building this construction project.

    If you are interested in joining our group please post your response
  2. iffatgharbi

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    Creek Towers

    As an inverstor I am very interested in knowing the actions you are willing to take concerning the delay in construction and how I can be involved.

    Awaiting your reply
  3. Aclark

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    Hello Iffatgharbi,

    Please contact us at +44 7768 364 502 or leave a message at Emirates palace 3309 and we will update you on our current situation.

  4. Matty1573

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    Have you had any updates on this project..
    Creed Tower Abu Dhabi

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