Caicos Beach Resort & Marina

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    Caicos Beach Club Resort & Marina

    I invested in Caicos Beach back in 2007 - other than an email from Brian Rahl (of Rahl&Rahl lawyers/attorneys) in Jan 2011, stating that he would pass my request for update onto the Development Office I have not heard dilly squat.

    Does anyone have an update for me?

    Thanks - though not holding my breath!
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    You seem remarkably sanguine about an investment made 5 years ago that you haven't been kept uptodate on. Is this the same place as the Caicos Beach Club & Marina ?. That seems to be at a fairly advanced stage of construction, according to its' website.
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    Yes it is the same development. I am optimistic, the bulk of the work was completed sometime ago. The level of information given to the investors has been poor at best. As of this week I have subscribed to caicosbeachclubowners.

    Any other investors may wish to take a look at this site as its seems to be the best and most up-to-date information available.

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