Cabo Dream- urgent advice needed please!

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by JaneUK, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. JaneUK

    JaneUK New Member

    Dear all! Has anyone successfully bought a flat in Cabo Dream development? We paid 40% deposit FOUR years ago. The communication from them has been very poor, to say at least. They now saying the Cabo Dream is completed and demand the rest 60% before the end of this month- November 2011. However, they want £10K more! They also threaten us that if we do not pay- they will cancel the agreement and do not give us our 40% back. Please help!!! Thanks. Jane.
  2. gvogan

    gvogan New Member

    Only way is to get a letter to the King I believe!
  3. MariaReyna

    MariaReyna New Member

    Dear Jane,

    How was everything with your flat? Did you finally buy it? I have some clients with the same problem in Morocco. I hope everything is fine now!!

    Best regards,

  4. JaneUK

    JaneUK New Member

    Cabo Dream

    Dear Maria,

    No, we still are in process. Well, they are now offering us to buy aparthotel Mirador. Have you heard of this golf apart hotel, please? Apparently, this offer is open to all Cabo Dream customers, who have difficulties completing on the units in Cabo Dream. Too many complications from their side, I have to say. I would love to speak to someone who has completed and happy with their units... Would you be able to help, please, Maria? Many thanks. Jane.
  5. petronella

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    Cabo dream appt.

    Dear Jane,
    we have succesfully bought an appartment in Cabo Dream and have been usign it now for almost a year. I may we was at the first "owners meeting" and a "syndicat" of owners where formed. The Part Two of Cabo Dream is in the process of being build - and next comes the hotel. We havent had any problems with the payment, maybe because we went directly to the owner and used a local laywer (my husband speaks arabic - that helped).
    We are happy with the appartment, thought there are a few things we liked to get better fx the tilling around the pool gets very slippery and should get fixed (and other things like that). Mirador Golf is situated right across the street, but it doesnt look as charming as Cabo Dream...
    Hope you have found a solution to your problem!
    Best regards
    Pernille (Denmark)
  6. JaneUK

    JaneUK New Member

    Dear Pernille,
    We have now bought a Unit in Mirador Golf. I wish I could speak Arabic though- there were some communication problems with Compas Properties. Many thanks for your post! Jane.

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