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Let me start by saying Morocco is such a beautiful place but for buying property. No for investment never I would never ever buy off plan it will never get finished.try and get your money back you will appoint a solicitor you keep paying money and never get anywhere just keep your wallet open I have seen this so many times people come with money but leave empty.
I must say the king works hard for this country but the problem is the justice system it's not and will not work it takes years to get something into court.and it takes you years and a lot of money and you never win sorry it's true never trust a agentsaying they hold your deposit you never get it back now lots of you have or will lose your money. Now it's grab what one can get the banks are the same with money. 4 years to try and remove your cash even to try and return it it's impossible as a European you sell anything to return it it's impossible to buy it's easy to sell??
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You are right to warn people against buying offplan in Morocco, in fact buying offplan anywhere in the world comes with risks and people have had their fingers burned everywhere from Spain to Dubai and beyond.

However, there is no problem with buying finished property in Morocco and many thousands of overseas investors are buying property every year without problems.
As long as you understand the system and register your purchase in the correct way, then there is also no problem with taking your cash out of the country when you sell.

The issue is that there are a lot of dodgy agents out there who steer people in the wrong direction, make sure you find a reputable agent with experience of dealing with overseas buyers as many local agents are not aware of the rules and regulations for foreigners.