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    Hi All,

    I noticed when scouring the market that there are a lot of apartments in apartment blocks. Some of these blocks are quite nice and modern, (mostly glass exterior), small balcony etc and look quite nice.

    As an investment, how do apartments in apartment blocks usually perform? Presumably as there are many flats within a block, there is increased competition. Does letting become more difficult? And what about the potential price appreciation? (I know this is location subjective) but just generally do apartments in blocks tend to rise much?

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    The flat apartments in block are a good invetition
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    Hello and welcome to the forum,

    I wouldn't assume that in a block of flats/apartments that all are rental. Blocks i've lived in in the past have always been a mixture of owners and tenants. If they were all rented, I would say that that dictates the high level of demand in that area for rentals.

    It's all about doing your research here and chatting to agents, ask what the demand is in the local area, check rightmove to see whether there lots of rental properties available or just a few, and make sure you research the demand from your target markets (eg. student, young professionals etc) as it's vital the location of the flat serves this market (close to a university, business park with good transport links etc).

    I think the local property market will rise at a general level (flats and house alike). Where are you considering location wise?
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    I am considering some areas outside of London in Surrey area. In particular I have been looking at Guildford.

    For some apartment blocks, there are some nice new newer build blocks in Woking and Basingstoke which seem interesting and good value.

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