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Buying properties - first time

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by hollisterbay, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. hollisterbay

    hollisterbay New Member

    Hi guys, I'm a 24 year old guy from London. I'm looking into the real estate game for something small to do on the side. Small for now, maybe I can build it up.

    I don't know much about it - currently I'm doing research on it.

    What I'm looking at more though rather than in UK, I'm considering something in Italy. Falls under EU.

    I'm half italian and have close friends living in the town I am looking at.

    Starting off, I'm looking at a simple 1 bedroom place in an area of the town I think isn't too pricy but still good enough so that it is walking distance from downtown and also from the university.

    Basically I want to buy it then put it on rent -

    Any pointers or ideas for such a thing?

    I'm going in 2 weeks to see some places in the town.
  2. cebuinvesment

    cebuinvesment New Member

    been here in the philippines? there's a lot of invesment proposals you can find in our country.. like in cebu city philippines, boracay island on of the best diving spot in the world.
  3. cebuinvesment

    cebuinvesment New Member

    you can view some pictures of boracay on the net!
  4. EuroGroup

    EuroGroup New Member

    Bulgaria is perfect for buying overseas property for the 1st time

    If you are still wondering where to invest, I would suggest purchasing a property in Bulgaria.
    Bulgaria is an extremely attractive country – you have here warm sea, climate and nature (balneotherapy), mountains. Everything operates full year. The British Independent wrote that ‘the Bulgarian coast with its sun, cheap beer and great food can soon become the second Costa del Sol (Spain)’!
    Prices are much lower than in Italy, you can earn much more here!
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    HORIZON New Member

    If you really want to buy in Italy, the best way to go is Sardinia, so I have read from the owner of the Move Channel;)
    The economic situation has to be considered in Italy if to be seriuos.
    As I have written in other posts, if you want to cover your investment from rentals, you have to take into account how long the rental season is and what the taxes are.
  6. cebuinvesment

    cebuinvesment New Member

    Boracay is the best place to invest.
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