Buying Lease hold property without an agreement in place?



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Hi All,

I wanted to get some advise on a property I have seen as an investment. I am yet to put an offer in, however it is a property that came up for Auction and never sold (maybe due to the pandemic or a reason I fail to understand). Its still available and from the research I have done it seems like a good location as an investment. They have a legal pack, however the property is on leasehold and not the usual freehold, however also states the following in the legal pack:

12. No copy of the Lease dated 4th March 1902 made between (1) Edward xxxx and
Charles xxxxx and (2) Frederick xxxxx and John xxxx is available. Neither the Buyer nor their
solicitors shall raise any enquiry requisition or objection in this respect and completion shall not be delayed.

Does this seem normal?

Many Thanks