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Buying land in North east coast

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Brazilinvestments, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member


    We are interested in buying a piece of land in the north east of Brazils coastline.

    The plot need to be 800 sqm or more. Have sea view, prefared as beach front and access to a nice and safe beach. Location: close to airport to scandinavia and safe area.

    Is that possible with a budget of 2000-4000US$ or do we have to wait till we have a bigger budget?

    We are planning to build a vacation home in years to come, and are thinking that maybe its better to buy now, cos the prices can raise in the future. Anybody that have access to price-development of land prices in this area? Are there any official statistics. What is the outlook for the future?

    All info and suggestions will be appriciated.
  2. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Hi there,

    Unfotunately you can't buy land in prime position for 2,000-4,000 dollars(Beachfront or seaview),but what you can find with a real search is land for your present budget that is close to the beach .These plots are usually smaller and are 15x30 !

    P.M me and I can pass on the details of the people that sell mainly land here N.E(not sure if they speak English though)
  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    You'll have to either wait until you have a larger budget or go for a plot which isn't near a major international airport (aka a location where you would have to take a domestic flight to get to or drive a couple of hours).
  4. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Brasil has an abundance of land and it does not need to be in the interior to buy cheaply.It can be close to the beach 3 minutes walk away!
    Beachfront has always been more expensive,but then there are all kinds of problems with it like rusting and cracked walls(if built too closely,sinking if the foundations are not set properly)
    Properties practically falling into the sea when the tides way up!
  5. Raimundo

    Raimundo Guest


    Welcome to TP's sub-Forum Brazil-Property. :)

    Sir(s), if and when you decide to buy -- do so very carefully, and hire honest people to help if you're not knowledgeable. Lawyers, most are shady and good luck searching a good one. And please make note that Brazil is one of the most corrupt, violent and dishonest countries in the world. That said, proceed with extreme caution.

    Good Luck
  6. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    Thanks for the adwise.

    I know that Brazil is a HUGE country and that there are all kinds of holes to fall into, including violence, coruption and so on. I just think that there must be a way to do this in a semi secure way.

    The thing that I really dont understand is, why there isnt any official price statistics? Im almost thinking that I would like to make a company doing that!!
  7. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    We do have pricing statistics it just depends where you want to invest and when!
    A few yrs back you could have paid 500,00 reais for beachland (we did) ,but now the prices have risen,however there must be places further North where you may get your land and I mean really the North of Brasil which is stunningTake a visit and see.QUOTE=Brazilinvestments;63227]Thanks for the adwise.

    I know that Brazil is a HUGE country and that there are all kinds of holes to fall into, including violence, coruption and so on. I just think that there must be a way to do this in a semi secure way.

    The thing that I really dont understand is, why there isnt any official price statistics? Im almost thinking that I would like to make a company doing that!![/QUOTE]
  8. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    500 R$ for beach land? You must be kidding.
  9. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Dotty has admitted before to intentionally misleading people on the forums for alterior motives and this is certainly another case of that.

    5 R$ would have been what you'd pay for beach land a few years back. Now the same locations are up to 10 R$ or even 15R$. No land anywhere in my research (except one plot of 8000 m2 front line Ponta Negra) has come anywhere close to 500 R$ and I've got hundreds of development (multiple hectares) and individual residential plots researched in three of the nine Northeast states.
  10. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    I think that dotty was talking about 500 for the whole land and not the sqm/price.

    anyway, its not realistic.

    Do anyone know if there is an official price statistic in Brazil on real estate? and if not, how do you know what the price "should" be?
  11. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Ah - well I have her on ignore still so went by your post. 500 R$ for a plot - what size plot?
  12. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

  13. mariadonnery

    mariadonnery New Member

    Brazillian Land Bargains

    please contact me on 0034671718601 have some land bargains in brazil, may be slightly over your budget but not too much more

    best regards
    maria donnery
    emerging property markets sl
  14. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    Hej Maria

    Do you have a website or some infor you can send? I can send you my email adress in a PM if you want to send it though mail?
  15. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Hi Brasilinvests,

    I have just read JMBroads messages and as he IS an agent and wants to pick up clients to make a quick buck I thought it better to clarify a few things.Firstly,you COULD buy beachland 18yrs ago at 500,00 reais (and not for 5mtrs!)Secondly,if you visit further North and deal with the local fishermen and field workers you would be able to buy beachland very cheaply within your present budget on the beach.To do this you need to go further North as mentioned.Otherwise you will be able to buy land in the STH 3 min from the beach for 12,000 reais/14,000 +.
  16. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    Thanks for the answer.

    Well 18 years is not "a few years" for me! A few years means 2-3 years in my worold. If we are talking 18 years ago, its more realistic, as there have been a lot of inflation and much more in 18 years :rolleyes:

    Anyway my wife is Brasilian, so I think the best option is to go there with her and talk to the locals. We prefare the area around fortaleza, but are open to other places.

    Right now we are trying to find out if we schould buy now or wait a few years.

    Again: where to find official pricestatistics? is it something that is just not in Brazil?
  17. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    18 years ago you could probably get some fantastic huge plots of land for even less than 500 R$.

    All depends on the size, what use you can give the land and what licenses the land has.

    The location really depends on what you are looking to do with the land. Build a house for yourselves, develop into a block of apartments, build a hotel or a pousada or just sit on the land for a few years then resell.

    Depending on which of the above, you'll want to look in different areas and at plots with different classifications and licensing.

    I work for an agency doing market research but don't sell myself and don't get involved in sales on the forums, but there are plenty of agents on these forums who have access to land, or use a Brazilian agent or do your own research on which agency is the best option for you - either way make sure that whoever you get to do the research for you (be it your wife, a European agent or a Brazilian agent) research them first to make sure they are capable of doing what you need them to do.
  18. jamphi24

    jamphi24 New Member

    Sorry to interupt here, don't suppose anyone knows of any large plots of land around 200,000 sq meters or more that is charging less than R$3 per sq meter (preferably less). Looking for a location close to Natal say 45min drive or less?? In land is not a problem.
  19. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    Hi Jamphi- send me an e-mail and I will let you have a list of lands, but would prefer to discuss first.
  20. Raimundo

    Raimundo Guest

    I detect this a suspect post from could be anyone in the world. Perhaps some dude in India posing as a lady in Brazil who is American. Only one post and no "Premium Member" Badge. No way in hell would I ever call some dude on the internet about property anywhere in the world much less the most corrupt country in Latin America: Brazil! Bob, the Forum owner should put a stop to unauthorized vendors soliciting on the Board without being charged monthly (Vendor) fees.

    Sir, my advice is go directly to NE Brazil, choose a city like Recife and work-live a minimum one year before investing your hard earned Dollar/Euro. And if you're still serious about investing, call and pay Ralph for a consultation on the pros and cons about investing in Brazil.

    My two cents ;)
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