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Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by lukas, Aug 18, 2006.

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    I would like to buy some small house in South East Asia, and I would like to ask where are the best conditions. Is it anywhere not allowed for foreigners to buy a house, or are there some countries where it is easier than in Thailand? I like also Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia. I wanted to buy something in Thailand but it?s every year more restrictive there, so I would like to ask about the conditions in other countries.
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    The Philippines is as good as anywhere else in South East Asia. A lot of foreigners have bought houses and other proportionates in this country. There are even retirement villages in Subic Bay.
  3. egeefay

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    Thailand is getting more and more restrictive for foreingers wishing to buy property.
    Of all the Asian nations I think Malaysia has a much more open door policy.
    It's a Muslim nation so there are some restrictions on things like alcohol and prostitution, I think.
    Google "retiring in Malaysia" for details on owning property there.
    Thailand is much more open and free. But property ownership restrictions make it difficult for foreingers to own land
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    Consider Philippines since I think here is cheaper to invest compare to other Southeast Asia countries.
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    Hi All,

    Thailand is not getting strict on foreigners buying Property at all
    The foreign ownership process in Thailand is pretty straightforward:

    In buildings classed as condominiums, developers are allowed to sell up to 49% of the total apartments in the building to foreigners on a freehold basis.
    The other 51% must be sold to either Thai citizens or Thai companies, of which foreigners own a maximum of 49% of the shares.

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    Phillipines property is much cheaper than other place of Southeast Asia countries.

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