Buying in Munich.

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I am looking to buy an apartment in Munich in the next 6 months and wondered if anyone has any specific experience of buying and letting in Munich? Any impartial advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Currently I am searching for properties on the following websites
Are there any others that I should look at?

Next time I am over in Munich I will pick up any free property magazines I can lay my hands on. Say like “ImmoStar”, that I understand I can pick up from banks. Does anyone have any thoughts on how useful these are in comparison with Internet searching?

In Germany when you see an advertised price I am presuming that there is room for negotiation? Any “rules of thumb” or experiences when it comes to negotiation?

I am intending to hire a lawyer to help with the property purchase, basically I would be looking for someone to help me through the offer process and to attend with me at the notary, translate and check that all is in order. Does any one have any opinions on this or recommendations for an English speaking lawyer based in Munich.

Thinking further ahead, I intend to let the property out through a property management company, as I will not be based in Munich I am looking for a company that provides a comprehensive reliable service – Any suggestions or recommendations?

Regards, Ken


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Hi Ken,
I use Planethome alot. They also have a nifty little graph showing current interest rates, based on a 40% deposit I believe.

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