Buying in London - Croydon, Abbey Wood or Southall?



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I am a first time buyer using Help to Buy and buying on my own so can't afford the standard London prices. I need some advice on where is best to buy in terms of investment. I am looking at three areas (below)

ABBEYWOOD (Thamesmead)

I have found a property in Abbey Wood which will be on the new Elizabeth line (cross rail) and seems to have a huge regeneration plan. The property if off-plan and won't be completed till March 2022. The developers are telling me after a few years the prices will significantly increase as the area starts to develop. The area looks really nice and there is a huge amount of green space, however currently there's not much to do, I am told the

Secondly there's Croydon, the property I am looking at is a Shared Ownership property. Croydon is already a lively area but there are plans for a Westfields shopping centre and a new South Bank University campus which could bump up the prices. Also very well connected into London.

Although the area isn't as nice as Abbey Wood, It too has a regeneration plan, although I know less about it, and is on the new Elizabeth line. It's also very close to Heathrow and West is generally a more desirable area so whether that will continue to expand further south who knows!

Does anyone have any idea on which area might be a better investment?
Will prices for a regeneration area always go up?

Would appreciate any help