Buying house off divorcing couple- sole conduct of sale



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Hello all,

My parents want to buy a house they have seen in East Yorkshire but the ex husband who still lives there and has sole conduct of sale seems to be deliberately stalling. I suspect he wants to remain there and buy out his ex wife as soon as he has enough money. They are serious buyers and have cash waiting so this could be a quick chain free sale but is going nowhere and now he is refusing to answer the phone to the agent. My question is; is there anything the other party in the sale (the ex wife) or the agent can do to get him to accept buyers offers? The ex wife and the agent are both very frustrated as they aren't getting their money or fees any time soon and my parents want this house!

Thanks all.


If the ex-husband has sole conduct of sale and is stalling then I dont think there is much that you can do. Personally I would give the huband and wife (and agent) an offer on the table with a written deadline. If the deadline passes then walk away.