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Buying Apartment in I.C with MOA/POA

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Markus, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Markus

    Markus New Member

    I have found an Apartment to buy in I.C but have just found out that it has not been registered with the Land Department. I have been told that I can buy it with a MOA/POA in place. Is this a good idea with the laws in Dubai. I need to find an apartment to buy but dont want to take unneccessary risks. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. aneeta

    aneeta New Member

    Buying a property in IC on POA there is no issue o on MOU directly from Building owner
    but you have to check all documents and follow the complete procedure like
    the seller has the PSA book with him and all other documents
  3. zoali

    zoali New Member

    POA will not normally include details of apts such as apt number. Write to me on
    re [at] iqragroup dot com
    I believe i can be of assistance.
  4. Small M

    Small M New Member


    I want to buy a villa on MOU. Also we will make a POA for that specific unit.

    But how do I prevent that the seller goes to the developer after I paid him and transfers it again to some third party?

    Thanks for any usefull info!
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