Buying a property in cash and remortgaging as an expat



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Hi everyone,

I am a non-resident and a non-citizen looking on to investing on a property in UK. So I was wondering that if I pay cash 100% and I remortgage the property, there's a 6 months cooling period right?

1. So I would like to know if it is true that you cannot use the money from remortgaging and cannot be taken as cash?

2. In this case you can only use the money in investing to another property?
Does that mean if I pay 100% in cash then remortgage a property, I'll have the 75% back which then has to be used to invest on 3 different properties given that 25% equity is required?

3. Is there a workaround with me having the cash from remortgaging so I can invest the money somewhere else?

Would really appreciate your inputs and suggestion on this one.

Thank you so much!

Ollie Creevy

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Following on this. Would like also to read insights from others.


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Yes, you can go for re-mortgaging the property if you work abroad, but the in such case, lender will often require that someone is living in the property – it can be your family member, tenants or else you would be moving into that property soon.


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