Buying a flat in Ulldecona, Catalonia

Discussion in 'Spanish property' started by Gerald1, Apr 24, 2017.

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    I’ve had a quick browse on the forum and I can see that I need to be very careful about buying my first property in Spain due to the way the law works and all the fallout seemingly caused by the 2008 crash.

    As per the topic title, I am looking to buy a flat in Ulldecona. I would be very grateful if someone with a knowledge of properties in this area would tell me/recommend:

    • A good lawyer
    • The rough cost of legal fees/translating the legal documents, including the Contract, into English (I do not speak Spanish)
    • A good estate agent
    • Fees payable to the estate agent
    • Taxes payable
    • Forms of home ownership – is the flat likely to be freehold/leasehold?
    • If it is likely to be leasehold, what are the other associated costs. Is it the same as in the UK, whereby you pay ground rent, management fees, etc. to the freeholder/management company?
    • I have bought and sold property in the UK – what are the main differences between buying in the UK and buying in Spain, which I need to be aware of?
    • Any other points/issues
    Any help will be greatly appreciated and hopefully I can recommend this website to my friends in the future.

  2. Gerald1

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  3. Nicholas Wallwork

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    Hi @Gerald1

    Sorry for the lack of response but it's quite a specific area you're asking about. I personally don't have any experience of that area but as you mentioned I think it will be very similar to buying in the U.K. Just different subtleties... perhaps research a few local agents there as a starting point?

    We also had an agent member recently from Europa Estates so you could give them a try...

    As with any property purchase carry out your research and find out all the information you can as well as using recommended trusted advisors (agents, lawyers etc) whenever you can.

    Good luck and please feedback any findings you think we might find useful...


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  4. Lee Filkins

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    I would recommend having a chat with Europa Estates and Finance, As they specialize in Spanish property purchases
  5. Even though the Spanish banks have sold some of the properties they repossessed after the 2008 economic crash, you should be able to find some bargains if you do your research. It does appear that buyers are starting to return to the Spanish real estate market and I wish you well with your first purchase of Spanish property.
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    Hi Gerald,

    welcome to the forum! I also second Lee's recommendation to speak with Europa... in particular, speak to Rocio Luna who resides in Spain and handles the entire Spanish Property side. She has incredible knowledge of buying in Spain. If you tell her she has been recommended by I'm sure she would be happy to share her knowledge with you. Her email is [email protected]

    You might also find some helpful tips in the TV show she did with us about buying overseas property. You can watch the episode following these links:
    Part one
    Part two

    Hope that's helpful and please let us know how you get on!

    Best wishes,


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