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Dear all,

First of all, hello to all members as I just joined the forum.

I am a first-time buyer so like everyone don't want to drop the ball,

I am looking to invest £80-£90,000 in a buy to let property in the UK. I probably want to keep it for a couple of years.

What I want to know is which areas in the UK you would recommend, where the property can get rented out quickly?

I would appreciate it if you can please provide your expert advice on this?

Thank you & keep safe.

Karen R

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We have had several clients purchase property of this value and let it immediately (in one case the tenant remained in situ whilst the property sale went through and thereafter and was even happy to pay a slightly increased rent proposed by the the new owner. The best areas within this price range and with great demand for rental property as identified by our clients, are Liverpool and Birmingham and also Leeds.

Best of luck with the search.