Buy to let morgage - how bad can the condition be?



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Hi looking at a house that i wish to rent out, ive seen some articles saying about how the property has to be in a lettable condition for a buy to let morgage to be approved on the property, the one im looking at has all utilities, working bathroom etc, apparently kitchen is really basic with working sink cooker and one unit, and the walls are bare plaster around the majority of the house, overall it looks run down but it could technically be liveable.... is there any point in viewing the property? Thankyou for reading


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Hi there, You are correct in that lenders for a BTL mortgage will require the security to be habitable and in a lettable condition. It may be worth looking at the EPC register on line or within the property particulars and view the rating as it must meet a minimum rating of an E to satisfy lending conditions as well as legal requirements.
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