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saw a TV programme today called Fly To Buy, the programme was about a couple who were looking for a buy to let apartment in Sofia.
there was one apartment that looked amazing,new build,very modern closed and close to the business centre of the city.
the views from the property were of the mountains and the World Trade Centre.
the price was £84000 and the rental income projected was £6500pa,after watching the programme it got me thinking about investing there, which are the best spots for buy to let in sofia and what are the prospects for capital growth.


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We agree!

Although investing in property on the coast or in ski resorts like Bansko look very risky due to massive over-development, Sofia looks very attractive as prices there are still very reasonable. Bucharest is currently out-performing Sofia, but we're sure that Sofia will be catching up soon.

Rental yields are very attractive in Sofia.

As for the best posts to buy, I'm not allowed to post links here but, if you Google 'propertastic' you will find out site.

Go to Bulgaria and you will get an overview of the market. Then go to the News section and you will see all of the information from Bulgaria relevant for prospective property buyers over the past few months.

If you take a look at news items with Sofia in the title, you will find some information on which districts in the city are moving up and which are currently static.

Go with those that are moving up already - they still have a long way to go.


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And the massive over-development is really a big problem here though no one realises it yet
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