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Discussion in 'Panama Property' started by gsinker, May 9, 2009.

  1. gsinker

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    If anyone is looking for an investment in a property with a good rental occupany level then Panama City is a great place to look at.

    We all know that Pre Construction around the world has taken a serious knock and property prices have dropped nearly everywhere.

    In Panama The Rental market is still strong in fact rents dont seem to be dropping they are increasing.

    The demand has always been high here in the city and most properties in the city get rented within 5 - 10 days if they are priced correctly.

    The properties that rent well are the low to mid range properties.

    an example a 3 bed condo in Costa Del Este that would cost $180K can rent for $1500 per month unfurnished.

    A 1 bed condo with Ocean Views on Avenida Balboa will rent for over $2500 per month again unfurnished.

    These are based on a 12 month lease.

    The rental demand does not seem to be dropping in fact due to some of the Towers in the city being put on hold or even cancelled this expected over building of Condos in the City doesnt seem to be a issue that certain people talked about during the boom a year ago.

    If anyone wants more details on Panama and Buy to Let please PM me.
  2. Fausto

    Fausto New Member

    Ive got that fully furnished.
  3. gsinker

    gsinker New Member

    I am not sure what your point is.

    Rents will vary depending on the owners needs, what i am saying is that rentas can be acheived at these levels.
  4. Diligent

    Diligent New Member

  5. gsinker

    gsinker New Member

    eh up he's back, take cover.

    The One with a chip on his shoulder.

    What has unlicensed Real estate promoters got to do with this thread.

    I think you will find that the people who right on this forum are legally allowed to sell real Estate in Panama.

    I think and fogive me if i am wrong its only the USA that has rules on promoting Real estate unlicensed. But i dont care on that score as i am a Florida Broker.

    BTW Anyone in the world can promote property anywhere in the world. It is not illegal to do so.

    So what is your point????

    Why not just get your facts right before you go spouting of.
  6. Diligent

    Diligent New Member

    GSinker - I'm not quite sure how to decode your rambling but it's really beside the point - although I'm intrigued by a new career opportunity. You say "the people who right on this forum are legally allowed to sell real Estate in Panama" Well, I write on this thread. Can I start selling RE in Panama?

    Do you have an opinion on the report?
  7. gsinker

    gsinker New Member

    You tell me why you could not start to promote RE and where in the world?

    The issue is in payment? Only Brokers or licensced corportions can be paid.

    If you want to start selling RE in Panama or anywhere else in the world just let me know and i will be sure to help you.

    Knowing what your doing, well that might be another question.

    I have read that report before on that blog and I have to say that anyone who buys aproperty without ensuring they can get finance are playing Russian Roulette.

    I have been a long advocate in Panama of telling buyers how risky it is to but without a mortgage contingency in a contract. But sadly a lot of buyers tend to listen only to what they want to hear.

    We call it in the trade "Happy Ears".

    Myself, I work mainly Resales and or deal with developers that have taken provisions for lending.

    My person opinion is that a developer who does not ensure the buyer can actually obatin financing at the end of the project is not taking a seroius view of building their property.

    But that is also true of anywhere in the world.

    Panama has changed but it is still one of the few places in the world where people are still buying. So they must be doing something right?

    BTW I am looking for new agants so if you want to make some money please let me know.
  8. Diligent

    Diligent New Member

    GSinker - thanks for your comments on the report. Perhaps you could also comment on the following link which seems to indicate that Real Estate is regulated in Panama, Brokers do have to be licensed and put up a guarantee of $10,000. Is this legislation still in force. No doubt as a self-described "Real Estate Consultant" you're exempt - but how then do you get paid?

    Panama Real Estate Broker Law
  9. gsinker

    gsinker New Member

    RE I regulated in all countries not just Panama. but only in so far as the payments. Its done this way to protect jobs for the locals. All companies in Panama retain a person who has a broker licence.

    What i surgest you do is a survey on all other countries and see what the rules are in these places so a comparison can be presented to everyone.

    I would be interested to see the results. You might even find Panama is more regulated than even the UK.

    But as i said before anyone can promote RE dont confuse selling with being paid.
  10. Diligent

    Diligent New Member

    Well that's odd. I would have thought regulation, licensing and financial guarantees were intended to maintain some sort of professional standards and protect the consumer rather than "protect jobs for the locals".

    Since it seems you're not licensed after all why did you take offense when I referred to you as an "unlicensed real estate promoter" in an earlier post? And I repeat my other question - for the benefit of potential new recruits for you - how do you get paid?
  11. gsinker

    gsinker New Member

    It does appear that you have no clue as to the business of Real estate and how business is regulated and run , not just in Panama buy also in the world.

    You have a opinion on what is and what isnt and seem hell bent on proving your opinion.

    I have not interest in informing you how a conduct my business.

    It is clear your ocupation is not real estate so why would i need to inform you.

    Again you are confusing regulation with being paid.

    Even when you are explained what happens, if it doesnt sit with you then you regect the information being given to you.

    BTW did you know that the majority of property sales in Panama are not even listed as Real Estate sales so even you could be paid directly from a referal and that it is quite legal and proper.

    The bottom line is if you dont understand then be quite, listen and learn.

    From your last post you seem to want to combine ethics with payment which surely is the incorrect way to do business or am i wrong?

    The same conditions concerning ethics and payments apply in the US as they do in Panama. I cannot speak for other countries so i would never make and opinion until i learned the facts and didnt pick up my ideas from reading internet blogs.
  12. Diligent

    Diligent New Member

    Say what?

    GSinker - you're right. At this point I haven't a clue what you're babbling about.

    However, my conclusions are:

    a) You do not have a licence to sell real estate in Panama and yet that's what you are doing.
    b) You may or may not have a "local" in your office (if you have an office) that signs off on deals. How legitimate that is in Panama I don't know - but it seems a bit dubious to me.
    c) Your website(s), promo articles etc either hint or state that you're a Licensed Broker - which is not the case. You were a registered Broker in Florida not so long ago but your license there lapsed in 2008.

    You may (or may not) be making a decent living selling Real Estate in Panama but I believe you're doing it at the expense of people that simply don't have enough experience or scepticism to ask the right questions and who go along with a promoter whose best prospects are those buyers who have, to use your phrase, "happy ears".

    Panama has great potential - even in the real estate market. But not now. Maybe a couple of years. Possibly by then you and grifters like you will have moved on to another market - hopefully for Panama.
  13. gsinker

    gsinker New Member

    Diligent what the property market needs know is people just like you!

    Full of opinions and unverfied facts. Its people like you that fuelled the doom and gloom and lost people thousdands of dollars by posting on blogs like this totally unverfied facts.

    You know knothing about the laws of Real estate as is clear in your last post.

    You have visted Panama once i belive as a toursit and you act like you know the place.

    In your fist postings your mentioned the mature markets but would not say where they where.

    You talked about your investments but would not tell anyone what they was.

    You like to point fingers at others that dont hide.

    God help anyone who listens to your advice as they are doomed. The sooner people like your self give up posting rubbish about RE in other countries the sooner people might make some money and actaully enjoy dealing in property.

    You try and twist everything to suit your sad sorry self.

    Are you jealous of others that actually get of the ass to do something?

    If what i do was illigal then how do i deal with attorneys on a daily basis?

    Stick to your more mature markets and make belief investments and leave everyone alone to get on with the real world.

    I know you will respond because it seems you have nothing else better to do.

    and please try to deal in facts.

    I am a Florida Broker. it is inactive as i dont need it to be current at present. Still makes me a broker though.

    Your trouble is you just surf the net picking up half a tale then have to post it to satisfy your ego.

    Why dont you tell everyone what you do, I dont hide i have links to my site.

    I get the feeling you dont have the first clue on property investment.
  14. The unfortuneate truth is that, your right. With property values in the USA dropping- Panama has taken a slight hit. But as most savy investors will tell you, you make your profits when you buy. I persoanlly am buying tons of property right now.

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