Buy to let family homes providing strong returns in parts of the UK

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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Flats in the UK have often been regarded as the bread and butter of the letting industry but now it is being suggested that family houses are much in demand in some areas and provide better returns. With a booming lettings market in the UK, the residential sector is once again attracting investors’ cash. This [...]

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Interesting article. I have always focused my attention on family homes as tenants tend to stay for longer as they are loath to move the children too regularly.

I would expect higher yields though. At least 7% would be the norm and usually a lot higher so I was a bit surprised to see reference to only 5-6%. Although it is south of the country where properties are somewhat more expensive.

What do you think?


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In the current housing market family homes are very much in demand, with fewer families able to buy it means rental properties are more in demand.


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Can't agree more; letting market is about to see a boom and the process has already started. If you look around, you can understand the fact. With Olympic 2012 around the corner, things are likely to look better.