Buy-to-Let Book Recommendations



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Hi all! I'm new here. Starting out on a long term plan to retire early! In the research stage of our quest and I'm looking at Amazon for some books to buy.

Looking for recommendations for books you swear by and have made a real difference in your property investment lives.

Currently in my cart are:

How to Buy-to-Let Property Properly: Richard Oldaker (2013)
How to Invest in the UK Property Market: Gerry FitzGerald (2008)
Successful Property Letting, How to Make Money in Buy-to-Let: David Lawrenson (2013)
The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success: Angela Bryant (2008)

Any reviews of the above books or further recommendations?

We plan to buy-to-let and hold for the long term. No renovating, flipping, or get rich quick schemes!


I know the principle of BTL wouldn't have changed a great deal over the years but personally if I was looking to buy any books or information packs, etc, then I'd probably look to buy something that has a more recent publication date on it because its more likely to include newer ruling, tax details, safety certification, etc.


Read "Successful Property Letting" by David Lawrenson. It's worth every penny.

I recommend you also "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki!