Buy Buy to let property of Settle Property balance abroad



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Dear All,

I have a questions and need some suggestion or advice;

I have two properties abroad buy to let in Asia repayment mortgage (principal plus interest) monthly payments £2,000. Balance owing £350K

I received a gift from my parents £350K, should I buy a buy to let property x 2 in the UK with a rental £1700 x 2 and interest payment £1,000 x 2 under Ltd commercial mortgage or settle the mortgage in Asia of £350K .

I already have two buy to let existing properties in the UK with rental £1700 x 2 and repayment of £580 x 2 and balance on my own house of £230K

I plan to have a re;axing life in 5 years time and a bit confused - should i increase buy to let portfolio and let the income settle the abroad property and UK property in long term slowly and have a bit relaxed time for myself or settle the Asia property and just have the two UK buy to let and try to work hard and settle my own home mortgage in the UK of £230K

I hope someone can give their views