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Buy a hotel room???

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by queenie40something, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi all

    Has anyone considered buying a hotel room??

    There are some available in Sharm at the Pyramisa resort which include all furniture, sat tv, fridge, balcony, sea views, full use of hotel facilities. There are also 2 / 3 bed duplexes and 3/ 4 bed villas available with guaranteed 8% per annum rental.
    Prices start from £35,900 for seaview and rise to a whooping £499,000 for 4 bedroom detached fully furnished villa with private pool, 3 bathrooms frontline beach and large garden. Same concept available at Pyramisa hotels in Aswan and Luxor.
  2. johnwayne

    johnwayne Banned

    hi - how can we find out more info on this -as we are going to sharm soon - thanks
  3. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi google ' pyramisa apartments for sale Sharm ' and you will find a few Agents selling them.
  4. johnwayne

    johnwayne Banned

    thanks - as always!!!!
  5. abomadi

    abomadi New Member

    well i think prices from 35k are interested in hotel rooms I'll consider thanks queenie for notifying.
  6. kazzer

    kazzer New Member

    Hi John

    Re the rooms in the Pyramisa, i have stayed at this hotel about 3 yrs ago. There was a full scale model in the recepion area and price guuide for apartments, for anyone who was inerested. It is a lovely place it has 5 private beaches, a brilliant wave pool and 3 pools it's part of the Ras Mohamed national park, and the marine life is fantastic...its about 10 minute drive from Nama Bay..but taxis are very cheap. And there was a train that takes you down to the lowest beach...all the beaches have a bar and if you want a quite swim in a pool, there are one or two on way down to the beach...the grounds were kept very clean and the gardens were perfect.

  7. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    They have the same available at the Pyramisa in Sahl Hasheesh but these are from £43,945 up to £346,000 for a villa. Same deal as Sharm but 7% Gross rental return for the life of ownership and buy back option. Good option for someone looking for a no hassle investment.
  8. OwnerInvest

    OwnerInvest New Member


    I am pleased to hear that your buy to let deal has worked for you. We offer 56 days a year for the owner to use the property, last year Spain had very high occupancy rates along with Portugal.

    I hope your success continues :)

    All the best
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